Western Europe 2010

For three weeks in September, Chris, Norm and George join me for an epic road trip around a number of European countries. This page allows you to follow our progress, read our twitter updates and generally see what we’ve been up to.


Each overnight stay and the route taken between each of these is shown on the map below. Please be aware that that map may lag behind the timeline by up to 2 hours and that the route shown may not exactly mirror our actual route as google maps only supports a certain number of way points so by reducing the number to get everything on the map, some of the route will be estimated by google maps.

Trip Timeline

A pit stop turns into a city stop if we have been stopped there for over 2 hours

Oct 13th 14:07
BinaryMage: @thenoman @kieranoshea @chrisworfolk But we all know what happened after that; and we swore NEVER to speak of it again... #ertrip2010

Oct 13th 13:18
thenoman: @BinaryMage lol, we can relive munich from #ertrip2010 with @kieranoshea @chrisworfolk and a litre stein of lager!

Oct 2nd 09:04
thenoman: Really impressed that @arcadiabar stocked hofbrau beer. I visited the hofbrauhaus (brewery) on #ertrip2010

Oct 1st 15:59
thenoman: #ertrip2010 phone bill is less than £70 ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 29th 22:48
thenoman: @gibmasterflash what's really bad is that #thatswhatshesaid was a catchphrase on #ertrip2010 along with #justlikeanitalian

Sep 28th 14:39
thenoman: If you want to see all pics from #ertrip2010 on my blog then you need to be fast. Check them out at http://www.normanralph.com/

Sep 28th 08:54
thenoman: Check out pics from #ertrip2010 at @chrisworfolk 's website: http://www.chrisworfolk.com/eurotrip2010/

Sep 27th 18:25
chrisworfolk: Still in French mode. Keep adding "le" in front of random words. #ertrip2010

Sep 27th 12:41
kieranoshea: Back in Swindon. For me #ertrip2010 is officially over. Back to work tomorrow.

Sep 26th 19:20
chrisworfolk: You know you're back to reality when it's 8pm on a Sunday evening and you're busy working your way through your to do list. #ertrip2010

Sep 26th 13:34
thenoman: Have updated all my #ertrip2010 posts to include pics and added a general photo blog at the end. http://www.normanralph.com

Sep 26th 07:22
kieranoshea: RT @thenoman: For those that want a slightly different perspective on the happenings of #ertrip2010, @chrisworfolk has blogged at http://bit.ly/bN0hi1

Sep 26th 06:19
thenoman: For those that want a slightly different perspective on the happenings of #ertrip2010, @chrisworfolk has blogged at http://bit.ly/bN0hi1

Sep 26th 00:20
Stopped at: Leeds, United Kingdom

Sep 25th 22:39
thenoman: Back in Leeds now. #ertrip2010 is officially over ๐Ÿ™

Sep 25th 22:29
kieranoshea: Arrived in Leeds. Trip to York tomorrow, St Albans in the evening then back to Swindon on Monday #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 22:00
BinaryMage: Back in Leeds. #ertrip2010 has officially ended ๐Ÿ™

Sep 25th 21:18
thenoman: 5500km covered so far. Coming up to 3500 mile marker. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 20:16
thenoman: Just eaten a Wimpy. Last driver swap before Leeds. End of #ertrip2010 is nigh ๐Ÿ™

Sep 25th 18:18
kieranoshea: RT @BinaryMage: Oh, sweet, sweet British air - how I have missed you..! #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 17:43
thenoman: Driving off ferry. Sat nav turned off. Homeward bound. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 17:27
BinaryMage: Oh, sweet, sweet British air - how I have missed you..! #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 17:19
kieranoshea: Docked in Portsmouth #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 16:11
thenoman: First time not roaming in nearly 2 and a half weeks. I do love unlimited data allowance ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 16:05
thenoman: Land ho! Can see Blighty from the bar ๐Ÿ™‚ only a few hours til home now. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 15:24
kieranoshea: Have sighted land from the ferry bar, not long till we dock now #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 14:08
thenoman: Had a nice long sleep on the ferry, feel much more refreshed and ready to drive. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 13:54
BinaryMage: Oh my god!! WE'RE BEING ATTACKED BY A KRAKEN!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Oh, wait, it's just a giant dispair squid... Phew... #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 13:10
BinaryMage: The Resident duet sound like they're from the North East ๐Ÿ˜ฎ #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 12:35
chrisworfolk: Won the quiz due to being the only team who entered. Then Host Hostess brought us chocolate as a prize :D. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 12:34
BinaryMage: Ah, back to a PROPER timezone ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 12:03
BinaryMage: Awesome!! Winning-by-default chocolates!! This ferry crossing gets better and better!! #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 10:53
BinaryMage: Awesome!! Free bottle o' Bailey's ๐Ÿ˜€ i <3 workshy French sales assistants lol #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 10:33
Mrs_Parrish: @kieranoshea happy journey home.#ertrip2010

Sep 25th 09:39
BinaryMage: Bloody hell, it's windy on deck!! Can't see Jersey yet either... It is sooo a non-real place. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 09:25
chrisworfolk: In hour 9 of our 23 hour journey back to Leeds. Still at least this bit of generic sea is better than the last bit. Oh wait... #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 08:36
BinaryMage: Lols. Car alarms are going off in the car bit ๐Ÿ™‚ this signals the start of our return trip #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 08:20
kieranoshea: Boarded the ferry, due back in England at 6:30pm local time #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 07:13
kieranoshea: Waiting in line to board the ferry to Portsmouth #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 06:56
thenoman: Preparing to board ferry to Portsmouth. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 02:30
BinaryMage: We're ready for the off! Good ol' Blighty, here we come! #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 02:21
chrisworfolk: We're ready to go. No wait, stop! Kieran time... *oh oh* *oh oh* #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 02:20
thenoman: Getting ready to leave the gite and setting off for home. End of a trip of a lifetime. #ertrip2010

Sep 25th 01:14
thenoman: Buggeration. Can't sleep. Mixture of insect bites and indigestion ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 23:52
gibmasterflash: Know the feeling mate RT @thenoman: Will be back in Leeds in pretty much 24hrs ๐Ÿ™ end of our le visit to france and also end of #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 21:56
thenoman: Will be back in Leeds in pretty much 24hrs ๐Ÿ™ end of our le visit to france and also end of #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 21:22
BinaryMage: Le sigh. Four and a half hours til we set off back to Blighty. And there endeth the lesson... #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 19:27
BinaryMage: To a barking dog, @thenoman says: 'No! You're doing it wrong! It's LE woof!!' #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 19:16
thenoman: Last night orgy coming up. I havnt had a go at @kieranoshea yet. Others say he likes is rough #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 19:15
thenoman: Enjoyable sea food meal for our last night on the continent. #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 17:38
thenoman: Just had oysters for the first time. Not sure I'm a fan. #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 15:40
BinaryMage: @thenoman The amount @chrisworfolk has had to drink would suggest that he will ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 15:39
thenoman: Just taken potentially my last dip in pool at gite in France unless @chrisworfolk decides this midnight swim is a good idea. #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 12:02
BinaryMage: Off to the town to buy postcards/crappy continental presents #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 11:43
thenoman: Sitting room and dining room #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46829531

Sep 24th 11:43
thenoman: The BBQ and the gazebo #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46829472

Sep 24th 11:42
thenoman: The gite from the pool #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46829384

Sep 24th 10:33
thenoman: Off stamp hunting in Jard-sur-Mer ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 24th 09:27
thenoman: #ff for #ertrip2010 crew @kieranoshea @BinaryMage and @chrisworfolk . Only 24hrs left of trip!!

Sep 23rd 23:31
thenoman: Got through Accepted and View To A Kill tonight. Also got through the bulk of the beer. Down to emergency Absolut. #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 22:53
BinaryMage: OH NOES!! Down to our last 2 beers!! Whatever shall we do?? #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 22:39
BinaryMage: Watching A View To A Kill, with a light monsoon outside making a whooshing noise. More beer time, mefinks #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 21:13
kieranoshea: Drinking the last of the beer and watching old movies on a very large TV #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 19:12
thenoman: Having to eat all the steak and kebabs as well as all the bread salad and cheese has left me pretty much dead. Meat overdose. #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 16:55
kieranoshea: Purchased great wine from a remote Vendee Chateau, met owners, very nice folk, made "off the beaten track" drive very worthwhile #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 14:37
thenoman: Who would have thought it so difficult to find wine in France? #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 13:15
thenoman: Pool at the gite. #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46663873

Sep 23rd 11:51
thenoman: Probably final post from the continent at http://www.normanralph.com #ertrip2010

Sep 23rd 09:36
kieranoshea: Visiting a Vendee vineyard later on today #ertrip2010

Sep 22nd 21:47
thenoman: Managed to watch Eurotrip whilst on #ertrip2010 ๐Ÿ™‚ also squeezed in Van Wilder too! Lots of beer quaffed and steak consumed too ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 22nd 21:38
thenoman: Only 13 beers left to last 2 days Hardly any bacardi left either. Also fat @chrisworfolk finished the emergency wine to himself! #ertrip2010

Sep 22nd 16:58
kieranoshea: Another relaxing day by the pools with sunshine, drinks and good French cheese. Plan on visiting a vineyard in Bordeaux tomorrow #ertrip2010

Sep 22nd 16:25
thenoman: Only 2 days of pool and beer left ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 21st 16:37
thenoman: Tho ended badly when I slipped and fell by side of pool. Ripped toenail off and hurt my back ๐Ÿ™ deffo need serving wench now #ertrip2010

Sep 21st 16:36
thenoman: Another afternoon in the pool sipping (read necking) mojitos. Finished a bottle of Bacardi in a day-B would be so proud ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 21st 13:50
thenoman: Just starting my 5th mojito of the day ๐Ÿ™‚ need to drink to get @Viki_Chan 's disregard for star trek out of my mind. #ertrip2010

Sep 21st 08:53
kieranoshea: Location tracker has gone crazy since stopping for the week in Jard-sur-Mer, sadly I can't rectify it - SSH doesn't work here ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 21st 07:09
thenoman: My right hand seems to have provided a midnight snack to a very hungry mosquito last night ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 21st 07:01
thenoman: All this swimming in the pool and drinking is taking its toll. Slept for 11 hours last night! Up in time for a dip and mojitos #ertrip2010

Sep 20th 19:26
thenoman: The beer shelf #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46224421

Sep 20th 19:25
thenoman: The steak and cheese shelf #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46224316

Sep 20th 19:23
thenoman: The beach at our gite #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46224070

Sep 20th 16:27
thenoman: Watching Les Simpsons en Francais. #ertrip2010

Sep 20th 13:47
kieranoshea: Fridge has been re-stocked. We are now officially no longer out of beer. #ertrip2010 http://yfrog.com/0qktrej

Sep 20th 12:59
BinaryMage: RT @thenoman: Restocked the beer fridge. 52 bottles of beer, 2 bottles of wine. Litre of vodka, 70cl of rum. Plus mixers for mojitos etc. Win. #ertrip2010

Sep 20th 12:57
thenoman: Restocked the beer fridge. 52 bottles of beer, 2 bottles of wine. Litre of vodka, 70cl of rum. Plus mixers for mojitos etc. Win. #ertrip2010

Sep 20th 09:27
thenoman: This is what @kieranoshea and @chrisworfolk do on holiday! #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/46159894

Sep 20th 07:21
kieranoshea: @BinaryMage It appears google has also now been blocked, rather all domains with "google" in. Worst wifi experience ever! #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 21:38
BinaryMage: The internet is locked tighter than a nun's chastity belt ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 21:35
thenoman: So there is a mosquito in my room. Do I hunt it down and kill it or get the extra 30mins sleep? #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 21:02
BinaryMage: Lol, the wifi firewall has blocked ebay. Awesome as. #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 17:33
gibmasterflash: RT @thenoman: We are out of beer ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010 that's an emergency situation!!!

Sep 19th 17:30
BinaryMage: RT @thenoman: We are out of beer ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 17:30
thenoman: We are out of beer ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 15:10
HairLost1: Norman Ralph &#187; What I have been up to this week 2010-09-19: #ertrip2010 #; I'm going bald #blamenickclegg ๐Ÿ™ #; B... http://bit.ly/clkVGA

Sep 19th 14:51
BinaryMage: Just watched the Goonies on a HUUUUUGE HDTV... I want one for my room to play WoW on ๐Ÿ˜€ #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 13:23
thenoman: @Viki_Chan @lizziemoogle @gibmasterflash yes hot birds/hookers would be very welcome. We have to serve our own beer atm. #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 12:28
thenoman: The gite internet is pretty good. I can blog from poolside ๐Ÿ™‚ what more does an Englishman in La Rochelle need? #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 12:15
chrisworfolk: The villa's internet is a pile of shit, can't SSH, can't FTP, can't use IMAP, it's a fucking joke. #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 10:45
BinaryMage: Dance choons pumping, beer flowing, BBQ on; nearly time for siesta! #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 10:44
kieranoshea: Majority of outgoing ports blocked on the Gite wi-fi. Probably no bad thing that I take a computer break but still, annoying #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 10:37
BinaryMage: Just had an hour in the pool. The PRIVATE pool. First time in, what, 15+ years? #ertrip2010

Sep 19th 08:44
thenoman: Last #ertrip2010 blog post is up at http://www.normanralph.com

Sep 18th 20:02
thenoman: First BBQ consumed ๐Ÿ™‚ steak and cheese with bread. Washed down with a good beer. #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 19:32
BinaryMage: At the gite; spent the better part of two hours driving into the sun. Time for beer, BBQ and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 19:16
thenoman: Safely arrived in Gite. Alreasy been for swim ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 18:57
kieranoshea: Have arrived at the Gite, BBQ is lit and a cold beer opened #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 18:50
Stopped at: Jard-sur-Mer, France

Sep 18th 17:45
Passed through: Angles, France

Sep 18th 16:35
Passed through: Angoulins, France

Sep 18th 16:00
Passed through: Yves, France

Sep 18th 15:30
Passed through: Thรฉnac, France

Sep 18th 15:00
kieranoshea: Last two hours or so of our 1000km slog to La Rochelle #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 14:55
Passed through: Cรฉzac, France

Sep 18th 14:20
Passed through: Saint-Selve, France

Sep 18th 13:50
Passed through: Razimet, France

Sep 18th 12:45
Passed through: Layrac, France

Sep 18th 12:10
Passed through: Pompignan, France

Sep 18th 11:40
Passed through: Toulouse, France

Sep 18th 11:05
Passed through: Bram, France

Sep 18th 11:01
thenoman: Below 6hrs to gite now. Gone through 3 driving changes and a tank of fuel already! #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 09:50
Passed through: Mรจze, France

Sep 18th 09:20
Passed through: Gallargues-le-Montueux, France

Sep 18th 08:45
Passed through: Fourques, France

Sep 18th 08:15
Passed through: Pรฉlissanne, France

Sep 18th 07:45
Passed through: Fuveau, France

Sep 18th 07:10
Passed through: Brignoles, France

Sep 18th 06:40
thenoman: Bombing along in France now. 10hrs til destination. #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 06:35
Passed through: Les Arcs, France

Sep 18th 06:00
Passed through: Vallauris, France

Sep 18th 05:30
Passed through: Cap-d'Ail, France

Sep 18th 05:08
chrisworfolk: Up early to get some photos of the marina. #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 04:35
thenoman: Si it seems @BinaryMage made 'friends' with the locals last night! Shame we couldn"t do the same with the Kontiki girls! #ertrip2010

Sep 18th 04:33
thenoman: Last day of the roadtrip today. We have a 1000km drive across France ahead of us! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 22:35
kieranoshea: Great night out at the Monte Carlo casino, really good fun to have this as our last stop before La Rochelle. Up at 6am tomorrow! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 21:42
thenoman: Casino de monte carlo in Monte Carlo, Monaco #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45661114

Sep 17th 21:40
thenoman: @Viki_Chan did have fun ๐Ÿ™‚ its an amazing casino, but min bet was like 25 euros. #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 21:29
BinaryMage: This is on my list of places to return to, along with Italy. Yes. The WHOLE of Italy. Including the driving!! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 21:06
BinaryMage: Apparently the MC police are poised to shut this bar down for noise pollution or sommat... Looks like my last beer then! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 21:03
thenoman: Won 100% of my stake at the Casino de Monte Carlo! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 20:40
BinaryMage: This place is clearing out... It's kind of a good thing - i'm kinda thinking of warbling a little... Egads!! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 20:32
BinaryMage: Haha, it's like a Karaoke night at the Transport Club... Oh My Dawkins..! Lol #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 20:19
BinaryMage: This 'jazz' bar is run by a Scot!! They get everywhere!! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 20:16
BinaryMage: Ouch... Need to find of a rich bachelorette to bankroll my drinks... 12E for havana n coke... /cry #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 19:45
BinaryMage: If there is one constant in the world, it is that karaoke is crap in every country ๐Ÿ˜€ and Stella cost 6E... #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 19:26
BinaryMage: Ah, having a wander of the streets of Monte Carlo. On a Friday night. By myself... Pretty quiet to be fair... #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 19:23
chrisworfolk: Heading to Casino de Monte Carlo. Being sensible and only taking &#8364;1,000 in cash. #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 19:00
thenoman: Thai food for tea. Very good. Now suiting up for casino. #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 18:53
BinaryMage: Pud Thai is teh awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ om nom nom! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 17:28
BinaryMage: Royal Thai in Monaco. About to have my first Pud Thai. My verdict will follow... #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 17:15
thenoman: Having a wander round Monte Carlo. Currently tops my talent list. #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 16:36
BinaryMage: Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ crazy ex-pat in Monaco ๐Ÿ˜€ #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 15:43
kieranoshea: Arrived in Monaco, awesome yet crazy at the same time. Off to the bar now, casino later! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 15:21
BinaryMage: Soon to be in Monaco! Nay, IN Monaco!! It's a little like Turn village - except next to the Med... #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 15:00
Stopped at: Monaco, Monaco

Sep 17th 14:25
Passed through: Santo Stefano al Mare, Italy

Sep 17th 13:54
thenoman: Driving along the Mediterranean through an awful lot of tunnels! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 13:50
Passed through: Loano, Italy

Sep 17th 13:15
Passed through: Genoa, Italy

Sep 17th 12:40
Passed through: Ovada, Italy

Sep 17th 12:05
Passed through: Fresonara, Italy

Sep 17th 11:24
kieranoshea: We're back en route to Monaco having picked up @chrisworfolk who is also now at the wheel #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 11:10
thenoman: Back in Milan to pick up @chrisworfolk now heading South the Monaco. #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 10:55
Passed through: Milan, Italy

Sep 17th 10:33
BinaryMage: :-s the Italian Autostrada is full of crazy Italian motorists and toll bits. Scary... #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 10:20
Passed through: Cerro Maggiore, Italy

Sep 17th 09:15
Passed through: Crevoladossola, Italy

Sep 17th 08:19
kieranoshea: Just crossed a bridge in the Swiss alps that had the appearance of crossing the river Styx #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 08:05
Passed through: Visp, Switzerland

Sep 17th 07:30
Passed through: Leuk, Switzerland

Sep 17th 06:55
Passed through: Saint-Maurice, Switzerland

Sep 17th 06:35
kieranoshea: And we're off, last day of driving before the harbour and casino of Monte Carlo #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 06:29
thenoman: Leaving Montreux and the lake. Going via Milan to Monaco. #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 06:20
Passed through: Montreux, Switzerland

Sep 17th 06:01
thenoman: Good breakfast today - smoked salmon, bacon and eggs ๐Ÿ™‚ all eaten whilst looking out over lake. #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 05:25
Pit stop: Villeneuve, Switzerland

Sep 17th 05:23
BinaryMage: Om nom nom! Bacon, eggs, sausage AND smoked salmon! Hotel breakfasts win! #ertrip2010

Sep 17th 03:45
Pit stop: Montreux, Switzerland

Sep 16th 20:58
thenoman: Best bed of trip! #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 20:48
thenoman: Some more scenery from Montreux, Switzerland #ertrip2010 loads of other pics if you look at my feed! http://plixi.com/p/45470266

Sep 16th 20:47
thenoman: #ertrip2010 @kieranoshea getting wet! http://plixi.com/p/45470112

Sep 16th 20:46
thenoman: View from hotel in Montreux, Switzerland #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45470012

Sep 16th 20:45
Passed through: Montreux, Switzerland

Sep 16th 20:43
thenoman: Enjoying a cold beer looking over the lake. Sad that tomorrow is last night of the trip, but looking forward to week in France. #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 20:35
thenoman: Penultimate road trip blog post now up at http://www.normanralph.com #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 20:10
Passed through: Villeneuve, Switzerland

Sep 16th 19:10
kieranoshea: @chrisworfolk But you haven't paid for it yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 18:55
chrisworfolk: This guy just free-poured me a Michelle sized portion of vodka. Win. #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 18:48
Capitaine_Frite: MIAM RT @thenoman Sitting down to some moules et frites ๐Ÿ™‚ beautiful view over the lake! #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 18:22
chrisworfolk: Holly crap. I have no idea to use the cutlery they've just brought me :S. #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 18:03
kieranoshea: Sunset over the lake while dining is simply stunning. One of those really nice moments #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 17:53
thenoman: Sitting down to some moules et frites ๐Ÿ™‚ beautiful view over the lake! #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 17:30
Pit stop: Montreux, Switzerland

Sep 16th 16:55
Passed through: Veytaux, Switzerland

Sep 16th 16:48
thenoman: Just had my photo taken with Freddie Mercury! #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 16:18
thenoman: Score. We have a bonnet de douche in the room ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 16:15
Stopped at: Montreux, Switzerland

Sep 16th 15:58
thenoman: In Montreux. Nice hotel. Ready for some vino on the lake terrace. #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 15:57
BinaryMage: Bonnet de douche: versatile. Like Birdseye Potato Waffles #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 15:56
kieranoshea: Have arrived in Montreux, our hotel is right by the lake, stunning views #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 15:55
BinaryMage: @kieranoshea And by Montreaux, we mean Montreux ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 15:53
kieranoshea: Have arrived in Montreaux, our hotel is right by the lake, stunning views #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 15:52
BinaryMage: At the lake. That Swiss lake. Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 15:45
Passed through: Villeneuve, Switzerland

Sep 16th 15:10
Passed through: Blonay, Switzerland

Sep 16th 14:50
thenoman: Nearly at our penultimate destination for the road trip part of #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 14:35
Passed through: Hauterive, Switzerland

Sep 16th 14:23
chrisworfolk: Milan is a lot like the internet - full of Africans trying to scam you. #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 14:00
Passed through: Kirchberg, Switzerland

Sep 16th 13:30
Passed through: Niederlenz, Switzerland

Sep 16th 12:55
Passed through: Wohlen, Switzerland

Sep 16th 12:20
Passed through: Bremgarten, Switzerland

Sep 16th 11:45
Passed through: Zurich, Switzerland

Sep 16th 11:15
Passed through: Volketswil, Switzerland

Sep 16th 10:40
Passed through: Wil, Switzerland

Sep 16th 10:05
Passed through: Teufen, Switzerland

Sep 16th 09:26
kieranoshea: The library in St Gallen is out of this world! So glad I got to go inside #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 09:16
BinaryMage: Schoolboy error: should really have had more than a few beers from the minibar last night #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 08:57
chrisworfolk: Exploring Milan. People keep trying to talk to me. It's very irritating. #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 08:37
BinaryMage: When I was told that the library was in a school, I thought it to be a University. Not a secondary school. With kids in it #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 08:33
thenoman: Its raining in St Gallen today, got wet with @BinaryMage in a junior school #ertrip2010 #thatswhatshesaid

Sep 16th 08:32
thenoman: So I'm pretty sure the people of St Gallen think @BinaryMage + I are pedos. The church and library are part of a junior school! #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 07:59
kieranoshea: Had a great sleep last night, just made breakfast! Looking forward to a walk round the town before moving on to Lake Geneva #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 07:20
thenoman: The views from the Swiss Alps were breathtaking! #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45377808

Sep 16th 07:19
thenoman: Our first Swiss tunnel. #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45377741

Sep 16th 07:18
thenoman: #ertrip2010 @kieranoshea snapping away in Verona, Italy http://plixi.com/p/45377657

Sep 16th 07:17
thenoman: Verona, Italy #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45377514

Sep 16th 07:16
thenoman: Crazy Italians with their planes on buildings! #ertrip2010 #italiansarecrazy http://plixi.com/p/45377460

Sep 16th 07:15
thenoman: Glad to be sat down in Salzburg, Austria #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45377350

Sep 16th 07:14
thenoman: First accident of the trip. @BinaryMage cut his finger. #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45377261

Sep 16th 06:49
thenoman: Enjoyed last night's birthday curry. Going for a wander round St Gallen after breakfast #ertrip2010

Sep 16th 06:44
thenoman: The Residenz Platz in the old town part of Salzburg, Austria #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45374504

Sep 16th 06:42
thenoman: Pint of Dublin's finest from Irish bar in Salzburg, Austria #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45374339

Sep 15th 21:02
thenoman: Blog post for today is up at http://www.normanralph.com #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 20:58
thenoman: Venice, Italy #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/45298516

Sep 15th 20:29
thenoman: In bed at 10.30 on my birthday ๐Ÿ™ tho 11hr drive through Italian/Swiss Alps was worth it!! #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 19:12
kieranoshea: Arrived in St Gallen, very tired after a long drive. Swiss alps were so beautiful though. Now sitting down to food and beer #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 18:57
Mrs_Parrish: thanks for the #ertrip2010 postcard @kieranoshea. Looks like you're all having fun-enjoy Italy!!

Sep 15th 18:42
thenoman: Arrived in St Gallen now ๐Ÿ™‚ Beer time now. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 18:20
Stopped at: St Gallen, Switzerland

Sep 15th 17:45
Passed through: Altstรคtten, Switzerland

Sep 15th 17:10
Passed through: Buchs, Switzerland

Sep 15th 17:03
thenoman: Now in Vadiz, capital of Liechtenstein. Heading back to Switzerland via Austria. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 16:50
thenoman: So the main road just took us through a military drill square, lol. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 16:49
thenoman: So, just crossed into Liechtenstein. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 16:40
Passed through: Mastrils, Switzerland

Sep 15th 16:05
Passed through: Chur, Switzerland

Sep 15th 15:30
Passed through: Parpan, Switzerland

Sep 15th 14:55
Passed through: Tinizong-Rona, Switzerland

Sep 15th 14:51
thenoman: Switzerland. Wow. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 14:40
thenoman: Just crossed over the Julier-pass, 2280m above sea level! #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 14:20
Passed through: Sils im Engadin, Switzerland

Sep 15th 13:45
Passed through: San Giacomo Filippo, Italy

Sep 15th 13:42
thenoman: In Switzerland, heading for St Moritz on way to St Gallen. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 12:58
Mrs_Parrish: Rather you guys driving in Italy than me! There crazy!!! I hope #ertrip2010 arrive safely. Have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 15th 12:46
thenoman: Driving past Lake Como. Stunning. Best vista of trip so far. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 12:40
Passed through: Abbadia Lariana, Italy

Sep 15th 12:04
thenoman: After a manic drive through Italy and Milan we are now heading over the Italian Alps into Switzerland. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 12:00
Pit stop: Briosco, Italy

Sep 15th 11:25
Passed through: Cinisello Balsamo, Italy

Sep 15th 10:00
Pit stop: Milan, Italy

Sep 15th 09:30
Passed through: Rodano, Italy

Sep 15th 08:15
Passed through: Leno, Italy

Sep 15th 07:40
Passed through: Lonato del Garda, Italy

Sep 15th 07:05
Passed through: Bussolengo, Italy

Sep 15th 07:04
kieranoshea: Now en route to St Gallen via Milan. Also happy birthday to Norm. His birthday present? A drive on the crazy roads of Italy! #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 05:50
chrisworfolk: Our Verona hotel has a McDonald's on the ground floor. Win. #ertrip2010

Sep 15th 04:10
kieranoshea: Awake early for our drive to St Gallen, Switzerland #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 21:42
thenoman: Enjoyed my jacuzzi bath and then shower. Extra lemony fresh for any hot Italians that wander into room tonight. #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 20:54
thenoman: Latest blog post is up. It's at http://www.normanralph.com #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 20:31
thenoman: Laptop is dead ๐Ÿ™ or at least charger is. Might have to curtail the blog posts ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 20:28
kieranoshea: Had a great evening out in Verona, got some nice night time photos #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 18:58
thenoman: So apparently, its so strong that @kieranoshea can feel it in his nose #thatswhatshesaid #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 18:34
BinaryMage: Score!! Icecream shops are STILL open ๐Ÿ™‚ a 4-scoop dealy i think ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 18:23
chrisworfolk: The Italians really know how to make a good lasagne. I would imagine anyway - chicken is good too! #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 18:21
thenoman: Had some gorgeous lasagne for tea. Just enjoying watching the world go by. #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 17:30
thenoman: Enjoying a beer on a piazza in Verona. Waiting for my lasagne to arrive. Joie de vivre. #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 16:43
BinaryMage: Verona is pretty nice. Would appreciate it better if i wasn't so tired. Or thirsty. One of those two... #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 15:22
kieranoshea: Arrived in Verona, hotel right in the heart of the city by the square #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 15:19
thenoman: Hotel is smack bang in middle of Verona. Above a McDonalds too! #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 14:35
Stopped at: Verona, Italy

Sep 14th 14:15
thenoman: Arriving in Verona. Just passed a building with a WW2 plane on the balcony. #italiansarecrazy #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 14:05
Passed through: San Bonifacio, Italy

Sep 14th 13:35
Passed through: Altavilla Vicentina, Italy

Sep 14th 13:11
BinaryMage: Ah, a mild 32 degrees in, umm, where are we..? :-s #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 13:00
Passed through: Campodoro, Italy

Sep 14th 12:25
Passed through: Mogliano Veneto, Italy

Sep 14th 11:54
BinaryMage: La tempo di siesta, per favore z_z #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 11:49
thenoman: Leaving Venice for Verona. Beautiful day! #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 11:48
BinaryMage: Yay!! Rickrolled by the Venician car park ๐Ÿ˜€ #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 11:03
kieranoshea: About to leave Venice and drive to Verona. Will definitely return to Venice soon, a truly stunning city #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 10:32
thenoman: Sat enjoying a cappuccino writing some postcards. Ready for my siesta now. #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 10:16
BinaryMage: Venice is stunning; the hidden tourist taser traps are highly efficient! ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 09:59
thenoman: Walking across Venice to the car. Such a stunning place. #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 06:38
thenoman: Getting up to try and finish repairing all the damage to my gear caused by relentless fail yesterday. #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 06:35
BinaryMage: Merry Tuesday (from Venice) #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 05:51
kieranoshea: Up and getting ready to have one last wander through Venice before setting off for Verona #ertrip2010

Sep 14th 04:59
kieranoshea: More great trip writing from @thenoman on his blog, check it out http://www.normanralph.com #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 21:50
thenoman: Verona is tomorrow's destination du jour. Will be weird staying in same country for two days! #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 21:12
thenoman: Latest blog post from #ertrip2010 is up. Check it out at http://www.normanralph.com

Sep 13th 20:39
thenoman: Yay for free wifi ๐Ÿ™‚ in Venice and its soo beautiful. Definitely coming back here. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 19:44
thenoman: Pizza for tea. Off for a wander. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 18:11
thenoman: Hotel rooms are padded!! Think they knew what mood I was in. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 18:11
thenoman: Got lost in Venice trying to find hotel. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 18:11
thenoman: So ruined a lot of stuff in hand luggage. All postcards and presents lost. Can burst and flooded bag ๐Ÿ™ #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 16:52
chrisworfolk: Venice. How many mind altering substances do you have to take before "city in the sea" becomes a good idea? #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 16:39
BinaryMage: Venezia ๐Ÿ™‚ on the water bus. Actually made it through the Alps, DESPITE the Italians' driving styles... #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 16:32
thenoman: Now in Venice on the water bus to piazza san marco. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 16:23
kieranoshea: Arrived in Venice, waiting for a water taxi to San Marco #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 15:35
Stopped at: Venice, Italy

Sep 13th 15:00
Passed through: Treviso, Italy

Sep 13th 14:30
Passed through: Susegana, Italy

Sep 13th 14:09
kieranoshea: Very sunny and warm here in Italy, Venice is very close now #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 13:55
Passed through: San Fior, Italy

Sep 13th 13:20
Passed through: Pordenone, Italy

Sep 13th 13:19
thenoman: An hour out from Venice. Looking forward to seeing the sea for 1st time since Thursday. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 13:05
kieranoshea: An Italian truck carrying tyres had a burst tyre by the roadside, so ironic #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 12:45
Passed through: Basiliano, Italy

Sep 13th 12:29
thenoman: I just don't understand siesta time. All the shops are closed 12-3 every day. Workshy layabouts. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 12:27
kieranoshea: Played Matt Monro through the alps on my drive into Northern Italy, now just over 100k from Venice! #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 12:15
Passed through: Pagnacco, Italy

Sep 13th 11:40
Passed through: Gemona del Friuli, Italy

Sep 13th 11:34
thenoman: Making good time. Tho these Itai drivers are crackers. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 11:05
Passed through: Pontebba, Italy

Sep 13th 10:54
thenoman: Loving the drive though the Italian Alps listening to Matt Munro. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 10:53
chrisworfolk: Entered Italy, so far it's basically a tatty version of Austria. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 10:49
gibmasterflash: RT @thenoman: In Italia now. Mi scuzzi. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 10:44
thenoman: In Italia now. Mi scuzzi. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 10:30
Passed through: Villach, Austria

Sep 13th 10:29
thenoman: Heading towards the Italian border now. *sings* this is the self preservation society. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 09:56
thenoman: Sat eating McDonalds in the shadow of the Alps ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 09:49
thenoman: Stopped. Finally. 4hr straight drive. Amazing scenery and landscape. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 09:25
Passed through: WeiรŸenstein, Austria

Sep 13th 08:55
Passed through: Seeboden, Austria

Sep 13th 08:20
Passed through: Rennweg am Katschberg, Austria

Sep 13th 07:50
Passed through: Tweng, Austria

Sep 13th 07:15
Passed through: Altenmarkt im Pongau, Austria

Sep 13th 06:45
Passed through: Werfen, Austria

Sep 13th 06:10
Passed through: Elsbethen, Austria

Sep 13th 05:52
kieranoshea: Car troubles also known as pre-existing central locking issue for those concerned readers, we're on the road again #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 05:23
thenoman: Delayed by car troubles this morning. Already 30min behind schedule. #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 04:41
kieranoshea: Up early for a 7am start across the alps to Venice! #ertrip2010

Sep 13th 04:18
thenoman: Earliest start of the trip so far! Tho 10hr drive ahead. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 20:27
thenoman: Blog post for today is up sans photos, will try and edit in AM if I can. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 17:29
thenoman: Pint of Dublin's finest whilst taking in the Salzburg evening. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 17:22
thenoman: Home made lasagne and pint of coke for tea. Yum. Now for a pint/litre. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 16:52
kieranoshea: Salzburg is so romantic, beautiful buildings, live music outdoors, such a relaxed atmosphere #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 16:22
megabreakfast: Makes sense RT @thenoman: Listening to a harpist and an accordian player play some Mozart in Mozartplatz. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 16:21
thenoman: Listening to a harpist and an accordian player play some Mozart in Mozartplatz. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 15:11
thenoman: In Salzburg Altstadt. Very pretty but everywhere shut as it's a Sunday. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 14:40
BinaryMage: ... so I slapped him with my passport and said, 'I'm British! I shall do as I please!' I spent the night in the cells... #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 14:19
kieranoshea: Have arrived in Salzburg, great country road drive here, probably one of the best so far. Off into town now to explore #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 14:00
Stopped at: Salzburg, Austria

Sep 12th 13:38
thenoman: Just crossed into Austria. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 13:25
Passed through: Petting, Germany

Sep 12th 13:09
thenoman: On the back roads into Austria. feeling very Alpine today. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 12:50
Passed through: Altenmarkt an der Alz, Germany

Sep 12th 12:20
Passed through: Pfaffing, Germany

Sep 12th 12:01
kieranoshea: @BinaryMage just rick-rolled the entire group with his music playlist - FAIL #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 11:51
kieranoshea: Another day in the road, left late, hope to have enough time in Salzburg. Leaving late for Venice will not be an option! #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 11:45
Passed through: Haar, Germany

Sep 12th 11:01
thenoman: Lol. @binarymage has cut his finger. Bled through plaster so now has full dressing and bandage. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 09:34
thenoman: Setting off for Salzburg shortly. Really looking forward to the Alpine section of the journey #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 09:03
thenoman: Couple of pics added to last night's blog at http://www.normanralph.com #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 07:49
BinaryMage: German breakfasts are teh awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 07:24
kieranoshea: Bought stamps from post office machine, now sat down to breakfast. Its a lazy morning today, we have less than 200km to drive #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 07:15
thenoman: The next 24 hours sees us hit our Eastern limit and start heading back West.Venice is the half way point on our trip. #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 05:35
kieranoshea: @thenoman Good point, have clarified how the map works on the page - you're right it's an estimated route between way points #ertrip2010

Sep 12th 05:32
kieranoshea: Up early again, need to grab breakfast & head out into town to find stamps so I can send postcards, want to get more photos too #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 21:24
thenoman: For those that are interested, we went a slightly diff route than on @kieranoshea 's website. Went via Anbach not Augsburg #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 21:23
thenoman: Today's blog post is up at http://www.normanralph.com only a short one. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 21:10
BinaryMage: Not that I always put all my faith in weather forecasts > 24 hrs in advance, but the BBC wouldn't lie to me, would they? #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 21:09
BinaryMage: Though Salzburg on Monday is allegedly gonna be raining like it ain't no thang! SHould be fun through the Alps #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 21:08
BinaryMage: So, Munich to Salzburg will be another warm drive; highs in the low-mid twenties #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 20:59
BinaryMage: We're gonna get quite intimate tonight - tonight is where the boundaries of friendship will be erased.... #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 18:35
thenoman: In Der Hofbrauhaus in Munchen. Cheers! #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 18:34
chrisworfolk: In the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, enjoying a stein of tap water. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 18:31
kieranoshea: Now in the Hofbrauhaus, very traditional building with very traditional beer - thinking of buying a stein! #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 17:12
thenoman: No free internet, so no long blog post today ๐Ÿ™ just quick update via WP for Blackberry. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 17:05
kieranoshea: Looking forward to a night out in Munich, have parked and checked into the hotel #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 16:53
thenoman: Mix up with the rooms, ended up with doubles instead of twins! 1st #ertrip2010 orgy?!

Sep 11th 16:25
thenoman: Arrived in Munich. Crazy roadworks everywhere!! #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 16:15
Stopped at: Munich, Germany

Sep 11th 15:40
Passed through: Fahrenzhausen, Germany

Sep 11th 15:05
Passed through: Reichertshofen, Germany

Sep 11th 14:30
Passed through: Ingolstadt, Germany

Sep 11th 14:07
kieranoshea: 100km remaining till we arrive in Munich. Lovely views through the black forest, sunshine all the way on today's trip #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 13:55
Passed through: Schernfeld, Germany

Sep 11th 13:35
chrisworfolk: The Black Forest looks a lot like the South Yorkshire Forest - lots of farm land and not many trees. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 12:52
kieranoshea: Stopped for lunch in Gunzenhausen <- yes that really is the name of the town #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 12:50
Passed through: Gunzenhausen, Germany

Sep 11th 12:20
Passed through: Weidenbach, Germany

Sep 11th 11:45
Passed through: Satteldorf, Germany

Sep 11th 11:10
Passed through: Erlenbach, Germany

Sep 11th 10:51
chrisworfolk: Ah Deutschland. Personally, I expected the Master Race to be better drivers. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 10:35
Passed through: Wiesloch, Germany

Sep 11th 10:18
kieranoshea: German efficiency : Measuring a length of road with a piece of string #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 10:00
Passed through: Frankenthal, Germany

Sep 11th 09:50
thenoman: This motorway isn't too bad to drive on. Seeing plenty of German countryside. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 09:25
Passed through: Hรผtschenhausen, Germany

Sep 11th 09:15
Mrs_Parrish: @kieranoshea too much information about #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 09:09
kieranoshea: Stopped for toilet break and fuel #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 08:55
Passed through: Kirkel, Germany

Sep 11th 08:47
BinaryMage: Ach! Was kann Ich auf Deutschland macht? Inb4 an hero #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 08:20
Passed through: Merzig, Germany

Sep 11th 08:15
thenoman: Just crossed into Germany. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 08:14
BinaryMage: Deutschland, Deutschland, etc. We is in Germany! Cue automatic German translation ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 08:03
kieranoshea: Now motoring toward Munich, glorious sunshine illuminates the rolling hills of Luxembourg as we approach the border #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 07:50
Passed through: Roeser, Luxembourg

Sep 11th 07:02
thenoman: I hope @binarymage has arranged that late check-in. At this rate we'll be rolling into Munich in time for breakfast. Tomorrow. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 06:12
thenoman: Early start from Luxembourg toda. 9hr drive ahead of us to Munich. #ertrip2010

Sep 11th 05:30
kieranoshea: Up early for breakfast as we're hitting the road by 9am today, Munich is next major stop, passing through black forest en route! #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 23:17
BinaryMage: @lizziemoogle Luxembourg is a country south-east of Belgium. L2wikipedia ๐Ÿ˜› #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 23:15
BinaryMage: RT @lizziemoogle: @BinaryMage Luxembourg is in Belgium right? o_0 #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 23:13
BinaryMage: It seems that my efforts for documenting #ertrip2010 are poor. Well, this is my "do I look like I care?" face.

Sep 10th 23:11
BinaryMage: Looks like a rather warm day tomorrow, with highs in the mid-twenties from Luxembourg to Munich #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 22:22
thenoman: New blog post from #ertrip2010 Check it out at http://www.normanralph.com

Sep 10th 20:36
thenoman: Still can't really believe we're 500km in to #ertrip2010 already! Only about 3000 more to go!

Sep 10th 19:52
thenoman: In the palais du chine in luxembourg. Bit weird ordering chicken curry in french from a chinaman. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 18:56
BinaryMage: I'm surrounded by Zoltans!! >_< #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 18:55
kieranoshea: City lights of Luxembourg with the canal and bridges are very beautiful #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 18:52
thenoman: This is seriously romantic. The river, the lights, the quiet. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 18:35
BinaryMage: Stood outside the Luxembourg Notre Dame cathedral - ambling over Luxembourgian government property - taking pics of naked women #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 18:31
thenoman: Stood outside notre dame cathedral. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 17:48
chrisworfolk: @kieranoshea I'm getting an itemised bill, so if you're currently charging an adult movie to the room - I'll know! #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 17:44
kieranoshea: Arrived safe in Luxembourg, now about to enjoy cold beer #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 17:41
thenoman: Arrived in Luxembourg, really nice hotel. Enjoying an ice cold Bofferding ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 16:50
Stopped at: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Sep 10th 16:20
Passed through: Erpeldange, Luxembourg

Sep 10th 15:54
BinaryMage: In Luxembourg. The Luxembish... Luxemburger... Luxembourgish... nice scenery is nice #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 15:47
thenoman: In luxembourg. Stunning views. Only nearly killed us twice so far :s #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 15:45
Passed through: Heiderscheid, Luxembourg

Sep 10th 15:36
chrisworfolk: Just left Belgium and now in Luxembourg. Lots of trees and near death experiences ahead. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 15:16
kieranoshea: Just completed a multiple hairpin U turn, now back on track, about to enter the national park on the Luxembourg border #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 15:10
Passed through: Bastogne, Belgium

Sep 10th 14:47
BinaryMage: Peeing behind a derelict trailer in Belgium. Tick. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 14:47
thenoman: Almost in luxembourg. Just entering a national park near bastogne. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 14:35
Passed through: Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

Sep 10th 14:19
BinaryMage: Let's go scrumping for apples! Apples of the Earth! Potatoes!! */o/ #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 14:00
Passed through: Huy, Belgium

Sep 10th 13:45
kieranoshea: Stopped for lunch in French speaking Belgium, had a grand pain and some brie #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 13:25
Passed through: Geer, Belgium

Sep 10th 12:50
Passed through: Hannut, Belgium

Sep 10th 12:15
Passed through: Hasselt, Belgium

Sep 10th 11:40
Passed through: Overpelt, Belgium

Sep 10th 11:39
thenoman: In Belgium. Obligatory photo of us at border taken. Now lunch. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 11:26
stucknow: stucknow: stucknow: kieranoshea: Stuck in traffic on way to Eindhoven #ertrip2010: Stuck in traffic on way to Eind... http://bit.ly/bOJfF5

Sep 10th 11:10
Passed through: Valkenswaard, The Netherlands

Sep 10th 10:56
thenoman: Past Eindhoven now. Not too far to the Belgian border. @chrisworfolk driving now. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 10:56
thenoman: Just finished my 1st stint driving. The 100km of motorway was fine, but the few km of Amsterdam centre was dicy. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 10:55
stucknow: stucknow: kieranoshea: Stuck in traffic on way to Eindhoven #ertrip2010: Stuck in traffic on way to Eindhoven #ert... http://bit.ly/9Yj1ib

Sep 10th 10:50
kieranoshea: Fueled up and changed drivers #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 10:35
Passed through: Boxtel, The Netherlands

Sep 10th 10:25
stucknow: kieranoshea: Stuck in traffic on way to Eindhoven #ertrip2010: Stuck in traffic on way to Eindhoven #ertrip2010 http://bit.ly/bEMKng

Sep 10th 10:00
Passed through: Vianen, The Netherlands

Sep 10th 09:44
kieranoshea: Stuck in traffic on way to Eindhoven #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 09:32
chrisworfolk: On the road to Eindhoven. Or at least, we hope we are. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 09:29
kieranoshea: En route to Luxembourg, sun is shining, making good time, Norm in drivers seat, me in back on photography duty #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 09:25
Passed through: Ouder-Amstel, The Netherlands

Sep 10th 08:48
thenoman: Leaving Amsterdam for Luxembourg. Belgium's national parks are en route. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 06:39
thenoman: So, it looks like I've got about 18 euros a day to live on for rest of trip. #ertrip2010

Sep 10th 05:56
MR_OJR: Would it be ironic to start an Internet "flame war" by misusing 'eid mubarak'? #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 22:23
thenoman: Think I may have just got passively stoned :S that or passive palcebo affected anyway. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 22:16
_theroot: COMING SOON. Got *** in an Amsterdam ***! ๐Ÿ˜‰ RT @chrisworfolk Get stoned in an Amsterdam coffee shop. Tick. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 22:10
chrisworfolk: Get stoned in an Amsterdam coffee shop. Tick. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 22:07
thenoman: End of day 1 in the continent. Red light district, bar then coffeeshop complete with bar cat. Luxembourg via belgium tomorrow. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 21:27
python33r: RT @chrisworfolk: Sleep with a prostitute in Amsterdam. Tick. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 21:26
kieranoshea: http://twitpic.com/2mtfav - Best coffee shop ever - there is a cat on the bar! #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 21:09
kieranoshea: Now has a real hankering to keep listening to blues well into the road trip. Time to break out the John Mayall #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 21:02
kieranoshea: Completed our amble round the Amsterdam red light district, now drinking beer in a blues bar #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 21:02
thenoman: So me and @kieranoshea chickened out. @chrisworfolk went for it and @binary mage wandered off on his own -.*+ #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 21:01
BinaryMage: @chrisworfolk Grats! You have earned the achievement: "Herpes!" lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 20:59
chrisworfolk: Sleep with a prostitute in Amsterdam. Tick. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 20:42
thenoman: Cruising for some ho's in Amsterdam with @kieranoshea and @chrisworfolk #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 19:34
thenoman: One min we're discussing the contribution of greek philosophy to modern math. Next we're in red light district. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 17:26
kieranoshea: To all those who would like a postcard from some place on our trip, please direct message me your preferred address #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 16:51
kieranoshea: Great blog post from @thenoman about our #ertrip2010 progress so far http://bit.ly/8ZlQq7 Like Norm, I'm sending out postcards tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 9th 16:43
thenoman: The trip is going really well. Enjoyed my first day on the continent. Got a long drive tomorrow so can't get too stoned! #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 16:38
kieranoshea: The architecture & canals of Amsterdam just took my breath away. Will certainly have to return for a longer visit #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 16:30
thenoman: First blog post of #ertrip2010 is about to go up. Check it at http://www.normanralph.com

Sep 9th 15:41
BinaryMage: Times for naps mefinks... #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 15:40
BinaryMage: My feet hurt after that jaunt around town. Saw lots of stuff tho. And I've been told eye-contact is not a binding contract... #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 14:53
kieranoshea: Is taking in the architecture of Amsterdam on a canal trip #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 13:41
thenoman: What possesses an architect to go 'I know, let's build a 4 story waterfall on side of flats'?? #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 11:54
BinaryMage: Amsterdam - where small East Yorkshire-bred rodents are cemented together to block water #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 11:50
BinaryMage: We're going exploeing!! EXPLOEING!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 11:27
thenoman: In Amsterdam! Had some issues finding hotel, but getting ready to go out and exploe. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 11:25
kieranoshea: Have arrived in Amsterdam, our first #ertrip2010 stop. Lovely sunny day, such a beautiful city, stunning buildings ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 9th 10:30
Stopped at: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sep 9th 10:00
chrisworfolk: It's good to know we're not the only country with miles of road works and nobody working on them. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 09:55
Passed through: Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands

Sep 9th 09:45
thenoman: On the motorway heading to Amsterdam for 1st night of continental bit of #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 09:25
Passed through: Schiedam, The Netherlands

Sep 9th 09:20
chrisworfolk: There are so many windmills! #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 09:03
BinaryMage: Woo!! First left turn in the continent!! ๐Ÿ˜€ #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 08:30
Pit stop: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sep 9th 08:00
Passed through: Westland, The Netherlands

Sep 9th 07:55
thenoman: Pulling into Rotterdam port now. It's rather big! #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 07:10
Pit stop: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sep 9th 07:09
kieranoshea: One hour away from docking in Rotterdam, smooth crossing, fun evening, won small amount on ship's casino ๐Ÿ™‚ Now to find Chris... #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 07:08
thenoman: Some sort of medical emergency on board means we're delayed 2hrs. #ertrip2010

Sep 9th 06:39
thenoman: So, in middle of North Sea. @kieranoshea in bed, rest of us partying to band. #ertrip2010

Sep 8th 21:10
Stopped at: Hull, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 21:04
thenoman: Hitting the casino with my last &#163;10 (of sterling). Apparently the Queen isn't considered legal tender by those pesky Europeans #ertrip2010

Sep 8th 19:55
Pit stop: Hull, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 19:26
MR_OJR: Might have to stop using twitter for a bit, or the #ertrip2010 show as it has become :p

Sep 8th 19:25
thenoman: Not long til we sail now. Amsterdam in about 13hrs ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 8th 18:37
thenoman: First meal of #ertrip2010 ๐Ÿ™‚ http://plixi.com/p/43972598

Sep 8th 18:28
kieranoshea: Settling down to an evening meal on the Hull-Rotterdam ferry, #ertrip2010 really started now - looking forward to the canals of Amsterdam!

Sep 8th 18:18
chrisworfolk: So far I'm hungry, tired, stressed and agitated :(. Good times ahead though. #ertrip2010

Sep 8th 18:05
Pit stop: Barrow-Upon-Humber, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 17:53
thenoman: Hull from the ferry. Yep, still looks like a hole. #ertrip2010 http://plixi.com/p/43966638

Sep 8th 17:41
BinaryMage: On the ferry. The pride of hull. We're doomed!! DOOMED! #ertrip2010

Sep 8th 17:39
thenoman: On the ferry at hull ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010 is almost ready to set sail. @kieranoshea and @BinaryMage vying for pun king title.

Sep 8th 17:30
Passed through: Hull, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 16:55
Passed through: Hessle, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 16:53
BinaryMage: Oooo! Humber Bridge ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 8th 16:20
Passed through: Castleford, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 11:55
Stopped at: Leeds, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 11:20
Passed through: Ault Hucknall, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 11:07
kieranoshea: @Mrs_Parrish We're getting the ferry to Rotterdam tonight which is the official start of #ertrip2010 then Ill clear the UK map points ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 8th 10:45
Passed through: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 10:17
Mrs_Parrish: @kieranoshea I totally don't get ur #ertrip2010 directions. Then again it makes for interesting reading. R U coming to York next?

Sep 8th 10:10
Passed through: Rugby, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 09:35
Passed through: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 09:05
Passed through: St Stephen, United Kingdom

Sep 8th 08:41
kieranoshea: Have started Northwards for Leeds, already testing out my #ertrip2010 playlist and liking what I'm hearing

Sep 8th 06:49
kieranoshea: Is setting off for Leeds in the next hour, #ertrip2010 starts here!

Sep 8th 00:27
thenoman: In 24hrs I will be in middle of North Sea. In 48hrs I will be in Amsterdam, in 96hrs I will be in Munich ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010 is gonna be craaaazy

Sep 8th 00:27
thenoman: In 24hrs I will be in middle of North Sea. In 48hrs I will be in Amsterdam, in 96hrs I will be in Munich ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010 is fonna be craaaazy

Sep 7th 23:45
Stopped at: St Albans, United Kingdom

Sep 7th 15:21
thenoman: For me, #ertrip2010 starts now. Steak night tonight then amsterdam on thursday. Win,

Sep 6th 03:37
thenoman: Really hoping that @kieranoshea and @chrisworfolk get some great pictures when we are away on #ertrip2010

Sep 5th 19:53
Viki_Chan: @thenoman Indeed, great minds think alike ^^ I'm sure #ertrip2010 will be equally as awesome if not more so ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 5th 19:47
thenoman: @Viki_Chan sounds awesome. Mirroring #ertrip2010 with our road trip then week on atlantic coast chillaxing.

Sep 5th 15:29
thenoman: Got room for 2 books for #ertrip2010 but got a shortlist of 5 ๐Ÿ™ I need you guys to help choose.

Sep 5th 15:27
thenoman: Managed to distill my #ertrip2010 inventory to 82 items. Just waiting for a couple of loads of washing to dry now ๐Ÿ™‚

Sep 4th 06:31
Mrs_Parrish: @kieranoshea have a great #ertrip2010, I look forward to tracking progress across europe. Oh enjoy the Wedding too- I love weddings!!

Sep 4th 05:47
ALLocalBargains: #StAlbans RT @kieranoshea2010Up early and packing for #ertrip2010 Got to get it all done this morning as I'm in St Albans over the wee...

Sep 4th 05:37
kieranoshea: Up early and packing for #ertrip2010 Got to get it all done this morning as I'm in St Albans over the weekend & at James' wedding on Monday!

Sep 3rd 16:04
thenoman: So, if you want a postcard from #ertrip2010 then I need an address by Tuesday. DM me, Facebook, SMS etc all valid.

Sep 2nd 23:28
dvotee: I hope you all have a great time Kieran and here's my lil addition to the feed for now ๐Ÿ™‚ #ertrip2010

Sep 2nd 22:34
kieranoshea: Tracking page for #ertrip2010 is now in testing, check it out http://bit.ly/ajP9OW

Sep 2nd 19:26
kieranoshea: Has coded the bulk of his application to track #ertrip2010 progress and is really rather proud of his creation

Aug 31st 15:58
kieranoshea: Is coding some nifty trip tracking software for #ertrip2010 Pin in the map progress and live tweets/photos anyone?

Aug 31st 07:45
thenoman: Not long left now ๐Ÿ™‚ need to pick up a few things for #ertrip2010 before home, but then its bed time!!

Aug 30th 22:16
thenoman: 2.5 hrs til work. Will have done 24hrs straight by the time I get home tomorrow. Then its #ertrip2010 shopping :-s

Aug 30th 20:19
chrisworfolk: Syncing my iPhone with music for #ertrip2010 . So much europop going down that cable.

Aug 28th 15:52
kieranoshea: Has fitted a replacement speaker to his car in readiness for #ertrip2010


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