SE12 Python Project

This page is dedicated to my work on a Python project for my SE12 Module at Leeds School of Computing. I am partnered with Dan Du Preez for the duration of the project, and it is a pair programming exercise.

Project Overview

The aim of this project is to build a working prototype of a python application designed to perform a specific, useful and suitably complex task. We have now come up with a name for our project, which is to build an application to index and tag MP3 files. In true Monty Python spirit, we have decided to call it:

(Some call it) TIM (Tagger and Indexer for MP3s)

This project will allow us to explore a wide range of features present in the python language, and hopefully create a package that we can both use ourselves and indeed make available for others to use at the end of the project. While there are many MP3 indexing programs around and many are available for free, many have gaps, and it is these gaps we are aiming to fill.

Specification & Aims

The followng are the main aims of the project as outlined in the project blog(s):

Desirable Features

The following features have been discussed, are desirable, but may not be able to be completed during the lifespan of the project. If deveopment continues after the close of the project however, these are features we hope to see included.

Project Blogs

Check out a running blog of project progress, my thoughts on how things are going, success, problems etc. My Project Blog

You may also want to check out Dan’s project blog

Current Project Progress

Specification: 100%
Required Python Knowledge: 100%
Design: 100%
Code: 100%
Testing: 40%

Bug Tracker – TIM 0.5.0 Alpha

With the advent of the alpha release of TIM, we invite all people testing the application to submit bugs to us. You can contact us on the e-mail addresses in the readme files when you download the application. To avoid repeated bugs, please check this page before submitting your bugs, as the following have already been reported. If you find a valid bug in the application and contact us about it, it will be listed here and credited to you. A fix will be worked on and applied in the next release.

Thanks to all who have submitted bugs so far, its a great help. Keep them coming and thanks for supporting TIM!

Project Releases

Python work outside of the project