Reading Roadsigns

Reading Roadsigns is a computer vision related research project concerned with implementing a system that can detect and recognise road signs in a static image. It is the final year university project of Kieran O’Shea.

The project will initially focus on the work of others in this field of computing. While the idea of reading and recognising roadsigns is not a new one, work in the field is far from complete. I hope to read and make use of a wide range of research papers and also some examples of practical software work in the field of object recognition.

I will document my work, both progress and setbacks, in the dedicated roadsigns blog category and hope to generate some useful feedback. Ultimately my aim in the project is to produce a useful piece of work that will not only provide me with an excellent grade in the final year project component of my degree, but also provide me with invaluable experience into what it is like to conduct good quality academic research.