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For a long time phpBB has been the bulletin board of choice for many webmasters and web hosts because it is free, feature rich, and highly customisable. One of the main problems is that once implemented it often sits outside of the site it is supposed to be a part of. While for some websites this is the intention, most of the time it is not and the sense of community is lost on the site despite being present in the forum.

My CMS for phpBB attempts to address this issue by allowing pages on the website it’s self to be styled using the forum style system, and not only that, but maintained by the community it’s self. Admin can of course retain full and exclusive control of all site pages if they wish, but it provides the option to make the whole site a part of the community it contains.

Feature List


Until a thread is started up on phpBB for the development and support of this modification, you can get support by contacting me.


This modification is still in development, but every release on this page DOES function according to the feature list. The modification is still in development because the feature list is still not complete and rather than making a full release and then getting asked for more fetaures, I am completing it the first time around as fully as possible.

Project Blog

You can read, browse and subscribe to the project blog if you want to stay up to date with development and releases.