Calendar for WordPress

I make a contribution to WordPress in the form of a Calendar plugin that allows you to share your schedule with the world using your blogging software.


Calendar is an events calendar for WordPress that allows you to publish a monthly breakdown of your appointments and important dates for your blog readers to view. Useful if you want to let people know what you are up to or give people an idea what days you are free. It is also versatile enough to provide events information to users of a WordPress powered site, for instance clubs or charities.


Calendar is feature rich and will continue to become better as development continues.


To keep up to date with developments on Calendar, ensure you bookmark the blog category and read it regularly. All updates will be posted there only.


If you want to download Calendar then you can do so from the plugins website. A feature list similar to above, screenshots and installation guide is also available on that link.

Old Versions

I would always advocate using the latest version of my calendar plugin as some releases have included security fixes, however if you wish to peruse the old versions of the plugin you can do so on the calendar versions page.


Please use the dedicated Calendar support forums.

New Features

If you want to simply request new features you can do so in the feature request forum thread.