September bug in calendar.php

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September bug in calendar.php

Unread post by dccharron » Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:28 am

calendar.php uses 3 character abbreviations of the months (e.g. jan, feb, mar, apr, ...). These are hard coded text strings. The one for September has been coded as "sept" by mistake. It should be "sep".

Without this change, when you display the CALENDAR view today (29 September 2014), the selection box will appear as "January" (that's the default when the month is invalid). In 2 days time (1 October), the program will work correctly and the selection box will appear as "October". Once that happens it will take 11 months before you will witness this bug again.

If you are changing this code yourself, you need to change it in several places in the code.

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