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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:05 pm
by Kieran
Q What is this plugin?
A This is the plugin for WordPress. Up to date, functional with the API and likely to have new features added going forward.
Q Is there a feature list?
A The full feature set is still being fleshed out with the primary work focus at present being the back-end, but this plugin promises to be both useful on it's own and to developers wishing to generate complex listening statistics using the scrobbled data stored in the plugin's specially constructed relational tables. For example allowing you to view statistics and graphics concerning your listening habits on your blog.
Q Where can I get an API key for use with Last FM?
A Use the following URL:
Q Where can I get support for the plugin?
A Support is primarily available on this forum in the form of this FAQ, feature request thread and open posting forum. The support forum is located away from WordPress because at the time the original plugin was authored, the WordPress support forums didn't provide an easy way to be notified of posts and manage things. Recently things have changed in this regard and so the WordPress support forums for Last FM are also monitored from time to time.
Q Where can I request a feature?
A Please use the thread on this forum for such requests