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Posted: Fri May 22, 2009 6:31 pm
by Kieran
Calendar supports gettext translations and a POT file is provided with the distribution for users to conduct their own translation exercises.

Users who create a translation are welcome to submit this translation in PO format to me via e-mail: kieran [at]

I will then compile the translation and make it available here.

Support will not be provided to users wishing to undertake translations. To this end, a selection of translations will be provided here (once users provide them to me) in compiled MO format for the less experienced to make use of.

To use a translation, download and extract the zip file and place the .mo file into your plugins/calendar directory.

If you notice an error with one of the translations, please do not complain. Simply correct the .po file provided with every translation and e-mail me on the aforementioned address with the updated file citing the issue. I will then update the download.