Contacts Database

Below follows a short FAQ on what all this is about.

What is it?

Its simply a searchable database of all my friends and family's contact details

How do I join?

If you are a friend or family relation of mine you can get added to the database and make yourself more contactable. To do this simply contact me . If you're in it already you can check your details and keep them up to date by clicking on the link in your e-mail.

Why join / keep my details up to date?

Joining means I have your contact details to hand if I want to contact you and I'm away from my desk or mobile telephone. It also means I'll have your home address for sending birthday and Christmas cards to.

Why not just use facebook?

Many people have their details available on facebook, but some restrict or omit some of these details, especially home addresses, and some people aren't on facebook at all.

Who is it for?

Its for all my friends and aquaintences to have their details in and for me to access.

What about security?

No person other than myself gets to see the details contained within the database and as a member of it you get to update and view your own details only. This ensures everyone has as much privacy as if they had just handed me their details on a piece of paper but gives them the flexibility to keep them updated and me the ability to search them and be reminded of birthdays and such.

Can you give me the contact details for....?

Put simply, no. Its a private database and any details given to me will always remain confidential.

But I'm ....'s friend!

Ask them yourself then, seriously, this is private so I can have peoples details and still give them the confidence they are safe

I'm in the database but I don't want to be

Simply contact me and I'll remove your information. Please be aware though that if you are a friend of mine and you're not in it you might not be contacted as often as you'd like to be - you certainly won't get Christmas or birthday cards because I won't have your address in an accessible location.

I want to update my details but I lost the email / have changed e-mail address

Contact me on your new address or using another contact medium and I will load up your profile and change your e-mail address or resend your welcome e-mail.