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Boot Mark

On my way out of the office today a strange patterned mark was visible on the push plate of the internal door. Upon closer inspection it was revealed to have been made by the sole of someone’s dust covered boot. Evidently a frustrating day at work can end in more ways than a few pints down the pub; this chap actually had to kick his way out of the building!

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Mind the gap

I’m now properly moved in to my new house in Swindon after spending two weeks in London. I was surprised at how quickly the trip from my temporary flat to the place my training was taking place became a normality, particularly the morning tube journey and hustle and bustle of London life. I met lots of great people during the many evenings we spent out and about at the end of the day and I hope I will end up remaining in contact with them all despite being based elsewhere in the country.

Still, no sooner had I got used to the morning routine in London I’m about to start a new one in Swindon. Its my first proper day at work tomorrow and I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting started. I’m sure I’ll end up posting more about work after I’ve settled in.

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2 Weeks Training

I’ve just arrived in London for two weeks of training before I start proper with JPMorgan. After a slight kerfuffle with obtaining my keys I’m now in the flat the company have put me up in and true to form have got the internet working on my laptop. Still I can’t hang around as people seem to be starting to arrive (they’ve put all the graduates in the same collection of buildings) and that usually means some kind of pub excursion might be in order 🙂

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