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Broken FTP fixed

I broke my ftp server last night. I managed to kill the rogue process(s) that had brought it down, and got proftpd back up, but then the virutal users config file refused to be loaded so no one could log in. I checked the file for corruption, even deleted it completely and re-created it, but it wasn’t having any of it.

In sheer desperation, and because I didn’t want to reboot or anything drastic like that, I killed all ftp processes, including the main on for proftpd, uninstalled the lot using apt, and purged all files related to the application. Upon re-installation it came up ok. I re-instated the config files, and away she went. Draconian I know, but I just have no idea what part of the install wasn’t playing along.

If anyone knows why proftpd might do this, please post a comment. For anyone who has been trying to login, apologies, you should be able to now.

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Lara gets new screen

Lara now has a beautiful new 19″ TFT screen. When I got it out of the box to install it this evening, my eyes just glazed over – web pages and lines of code never looked as good as they do now 🙂

Picture to come soon when I find the connection cable for my camera….

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HDD Errors

Lara now starts up with 10-15 hard drive errors. Looks like my stop-gap 20Gb hard drive is on it’s way out. I wish that new one I ordered would hurry up and arrive… and the RAM as well *sigh* Living with a dying hard drive and only 256Mb RAM is like living on the edge, only this edge has razor blades on it and someone keeps trying to push you off.

On the plus side, I have now managed get my ftp client running, along with the http and https servers. This means my dev projects should be online to try out and browse around soon, and people who used to have ftp access to things on lara will get it back too 🙂

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Gaim weirdness

Arrived home today, this is what I see on the screen. What the???

Strange Gaim Window

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Lara back online

Well, it’s been a while since things have been running, around a month actually, but my Linux box, running Fedora Core 4 (host name “lara” after Lara Croft, Tombraiding Legend) is finally back online. She has an externally visible IP (amazing considering where I am based at the moment) and slowly but surely services are coming back online.

So far the only one publically available is the “now playing” python webserver, and this is syndicated on my site in the side bar – interesting comments about the sheer variety of music I end up listening to are welcome 😉

Skype is also running, and by all accounts is working well, so feel free to call me on my “landline” number rather than my mobile if I am online. If you don’t have the number, just text or e-mail me 🙂

Services to come (back) on lara include the beta testing ground for my web dev projects, running apache and php, and of course my beloved ftp (or what may turn out to be apache as well if ftp is blocked in the firewall) for sharing my must have files with you all.

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