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Programmers vs Users

I was sent this amusing cartoon the other day, never have truer words been spoken!


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Simpsons Opening

Not that I’m a fan of the backing track but I do think that this Simpsons opening was rather cool. Let me know what you think!

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That’s what I call a grounding

I was shown the following photo in September’s issue of Practical Boat Owner. Just goes to show that cardinal buoys are there for a reason and you shouldn’t pass the wrong side of them! What is incredible is that due to the shape of the bottom of the keel, they didn’t tip over and were able to return and sail off after a full French lunch ashore – you couldn’t get more lucky if you tried.

Knight Star Grounded

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Murphy & The Bricks

To much delight and amusement I heard this song on the car radio on my way back to Swindon today and it made me laugh so much I had to ease off the accelerator and move into the slow lane to compose myself. Hope you find it as hilarious as I did!

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Amusing Aerial Photo

Could you imagine checking out an aerial photo of your house on Google maps and finding this on the roof of your house? An then later finding out it has been there for a whole year? According to this article on the BBC, this is precisely what happened. It also looks like the youth responsible is going to get in serious trouble when he gets home.

Penis On Roof

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Right Said Fred

This may be old, way older than me in fact, but it had me laughing in next to no time!

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Crazy Stoat

The BBC were sent this amazing video of a stoat going crazy in the snow. It’s really rather amusing to watch. I guess this one had never encountered such wintry weather before!

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Amusing Translations

In Wales, road signs are displayed in both Welsh and English. This BBC article details the amusing consequences of increasingly relying on the authoring of the signs in English with subsequent translations into Welsh.

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Credit Crunch Song

This was featured this morning on BBC Radio Swindon so I thought I’d share it with those of you who have yet to hear it. The tune certainly made me chuckle.

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I am currently on the train back from York and as we approached Doncaster the announcement came over the PA system to tell us we had nearly arrived at the station. The announcement was accompanied with a weather report forecasting dark clouds hanging over the area due to the fact the conductor’s mother in law resided in the city. Much laughter and amusement ensued throughout the carriage.

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