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Family Christmas 2017

Continuing the tradition of a family photo at the Christmas dinner table before tucking into the festive feast. Shweta’s Father was able to join us from India this year which made the occasion all the more special.

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Farewell to Grandad

As Grandad was a fan of all things nautical, we thought it only fitting, after his funeral, to make our farewell in the same way he’d done for his boat some years previously – a salute

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Family Christmas 2016

Somewhat of a family tradition over the years; everyone posing for a photo at the dinner table before the start of the Christmas meal

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Brompton Hire

Could these be coming to London soon – competing with the charge by the hour experience of the Boris bikes? Spotted this Brompton hire station on the South bank of the Thames while out for a stroll today, charge is £2.50 for a day


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Shadow and Light

Out and about for a walk yesterday afternoon the winter light was just so perfect I had to take this snap of my own shadow, the warmth of the hue from the trees beyond was truly remarkable


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Pibow Arrival

My Pibow case for the Raspberry Pi has arrived and after a quick assembly job is looking fantastic!


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Killer Code Monkey

In my team, whoever is at the top of the Jenkins leader board at the end of the sprint gets this “award” on their desk


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Jar Problems

This was sent to me over the weekend and made me chuckle somewhat!


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Old Door

Exploring Scotney Castle yesterday I can across this old door on the stairwell that made the perfect picture


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French Row

Photo of the the roof tops of French Row in St Albans, taken from the top of the Clock Tower


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