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Classification Congratulations

I would like to extend my congratulations to the following Leeds School of Computing students who received their degree classifications today

  • Matt Revell – 2:1
  • Nicci Kerrison – 2:1
  • Chris Clarke – 2:2

Well done for all your hard work, you certainly deserve to have done so well. I shall be seeing you all at graduation and sharing a pint (or two!) with you after the ceremony 🙂

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Meeting Laura

At the end of my training course yesterday I headed back towards St. Pancras but instead of boarding the first available train back to St. Albans I grabbed a coffee and a table at the Costa Coffee on the concourse and waited for Laura to arrive from work.

Recently I’ve been catching up a lot with old friends but considering the time Laura and I used to spend (usually in the pub) musing over current events and discussing what the future might hold, it really was great to be meeting up again.

We did the usual “not understanding why we hadn’t spoken for so long”, “promising to call more in future” and such like but actually I genuinely think we will keep in touch this time. Talking about the old times binds us together but being able to see how far we’ve come since those student days of over indulgence in alcohol and other craziness was just as good fun.

After coffee we also took the time to wander round St. Pancras station and for the first time I noticed what an amazing building it is. Usually I hurtle through from one end to the other, in search of some train or tube, but staring up at the arches of metal and the huge station clock at the end of concourse made me realise that things we look at ever day and pay little attention to may have more to them than at first meets the eye. Next time you’re in St. Pancras, look up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Last night I headed out to meet my friend James and got to meet a couple of old friends into the bargain. Adam James I hadn’t seen in a number of years but Graham Free I hadn’t seen literally since the day I walked out of the school gates. It was nice to catch up with both of them and find that they were both doing well in their respective study and career exploits.

I was also pleased to make the acquaintance of John Hargreaves, a good friend of James’, with whom I found I had a number of hobbies in common. Sailing, real ale and 80s music to name a few.

I hope to be able to stay in touch with these people and hopefully meet up again upon my next return to St. Albans which is unlikely to be too far into the future.

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Ski Trip to Austria

Two weeks ago I enjoyed a week long break from work and headed out to Austria for a skiing break with a couple of old friends from my school days, Matt Kirk and Ed McIllwraith. Despite not having been skiing abroad for a number of years I got in practice before hand by visiting the xscape snow dome in Milton Keynes and was fully ready for the trip by the time I boarded the plane.

The trip was better than I could imagine and while my intense skiing activity left considerably less time for photos I still managed to make the most of the resort and the activities on offer.

I succeeded in completing all the black runs in the resort and got a fair chunk of off-piste skiing done, including what Ed described as a spectacular stack after hitting a tree stump submerged by snow that saw me go head over heels 3 times. I was OK though and in a strange kind of way it made the trip even better. The holiday reminded me how much I enjoy skiing and the winter scenary and I definitely think I’ll be trying to get a trip organised again next year. If you’ve never tried skiing you should definitely get some lessons and give a trip a go – you won’t regret it.

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Leaving Leeds

I’m now on the train heading away from Leeds and back to St. Albans. Its been a really nice few days, seeing friends and relaxing in a different environment. As I’m sure you’ve seen from the photos, new years eve was a blast and I’ve been able to enjoy a great start to the new year what with several social evenings and of course no work to speak of.

In the course of my stay in Leeds it dawned on me that this is the first Christmas holiday I’ve had in as long as I can remember that hasn’t been overshadowed by coursework and January exams! It was nice to be able to share this time with those in exactly the same situation. Many thanks to Chris, Sarann, Michelle, Norm and Liz for letting me stay with them, as ever it was most enjoyable. All I need to do now is arrange a weekend when they can come and stay in Swindon!

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Yesterday, after a lengthy lie in and a quick lunch, Michelle and I borrowed Sarann’s kite and went into Roundhay park to attempt to harness the forecast 7mph wind and get the kite into the air. Taking advantage of a large hill and a favorable wind direction relative to it we nearly succeeded but the wind strength wasn’t quite enough and after a brief 20 seconds or so of success on my part the kite came crashing to the ground and showed little signs afterwards of getting into the air again.

Lack of success aside it was an enjoyable end to the afternoon and it was nice to get out of the house in the fresh air and have a bit of a walk/run around. I’m really feeling the effects of Christmas indulgence! Still, I’ll be back in Swindon tomorrow and with that will resume regular visits to the gym so I won’t be idle for long. While I’m not pleased my holiday is nearly over I can certainly look back on it and say I’ve had a good time.

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New Years Eve 2008 Photos

Thumbnail image of new years eve festivitiesMy new years eve 2008 was spent at Chris’ house party in Leeds. Seeing as Chris had a decent digital camera and was getting snap happy I decided to forgo taking my own shots and used a collection of the photos he took to form a new years 2008 album over in my gallery.

Best wishes for 2009 everybody 🙂

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Twilight Golf

Traditionally James and myself play golf on boxing day but this year due to family commitments we postponed it until today. Due to it being after Christmas there was a lot of demand for tee times so we elected to play in the twilight tranche which essentially means you get a cheaper round but if you don’t play fast enough you don’t finish the course before it gets dark.

After the usual first couple of holes of mediocre warm up golf we settled into a good rhythm and began to hit some spectacular shots. I was noticeably improved since our last round, I think largely due to my recent few visits to Swindon driving range where I have been able to refine my swing and work on shot consistency.

On the back 9 we were dogged by slow players which caused us to come off the boil somewhat in shot consistency and ultimately not complete all 18 holes of the course. Still, we had a thoroughly enjoyable time and it has encouraged me not only to continue my practice sessions on the driving range but to augment them more often with a full round – I think I have the potential to improve my game significantly this way.

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Halifax 5th Anniversary Ball Photos

After a thoroughly successful Halifax College 5th Anniversary ball the photos from the disposable cameras distributed at the event have now been developed and have found their way onto the web. Interested parties can view and pass comment on them over on my photo gallery

Sadly my knowledge of old students is not what it once was so I invite all those who recognise people in the photos to contact me and let me know who and where in a given photo so that I can update the captions accordingly.

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Yesterday I took a trip out to Swindon Karting centre with Matt and Ed to enjoy a few laps round the track. Some might find it incredible but I hadn’t actually been go-karting before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’m glad we made the effort though as it was a thoroughly enjoyable hour or so. We had time both on and off the track and were able to spend time observing others to improve technique.

Watching others whiz round the track makes you think it is an easy pass time but I can assure you its no where near as easy as it looks. Corners approach suddenly and the rear end of the cart swings out quite wildly if you brake too hard on the approach or accelerate too much on the exit.

Sadly victory wasn’t to be mine on any of the sessions we had on the track, but as my print out showed, I at least improved lap on lap against my previous efforts. We all definitely want to go again at some point though and I don’t think it will be long before I find myself in a go-kart once more.

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