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Covent Garden Christmas Lights

As Christmas nears and the brights lights go up around London, Shweta and I stopped to take a few pictures in Covent Garden


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Old Paper Bag

Not only has Woolworth now closed down but they hadn’t given out bags like this for years


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No Smirking

At a distance this looks like a no smoking sign. Upon closer inspection it gave rise to precisely what it was requesting passers by not to do!


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Spooky Pumpkin

I carved out a spooky pumpkin for Halloween to keep the trick or treaters away. Seeing as that won’t actually stop my house being egged, I also bought a bumper pack of fun size chocolate bars!


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Autumnal Colours

I really love this time of year, when the trees display their whole array of glorious colours


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TV Quality

They sell you a TV in the shop with a bright, sharp picture then when you get it home it turns out that the home mode is inferior to the shop but recommended due to energy consumption differences!


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Travelling Light

Who says men travel lighter than women? As Shweta and I were about to disembark the ferry at Santorini I took this photo; the suitcase on the left is Shweta’s, the one on the right is mine!


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Dining Outdoors

Yesterday lunchtime Shweta popped over to St Albans and we went for a relaxed lunch at Loch Fyne with my parents (we sat outside) followed by a sunny walk in Verulamium park.


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London Marathon

While in London for the weekend I was able to watch the marathon from Tower Bridge!


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Sleeping Beagle

Shweta sent me this lovely photo of a sleeping Beagle and I just couldn’t resist sharing it on my website!


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