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Pibow Arrival

My Pibow case for the Raspberry Pi has arrived and after a quick assembly job is looking fantastic!


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Killer Code Monkey

In my team, whoever is at the top of the Jenkins leader board at the end of the sprint gets this “award” on their desk


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Jar Problems

This was sent to me over the weekend and made me chuckle somewhat!


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Old Door

Exploring Scotney Castle yesterday I can across this old door on the stairwell that made the perfect picture


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French Row

Photo of the the roof tops of French Row in St Albans, taken from the top of the Clock Tower


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Hanging Basket

A couple of weeks ago I put up this colourful hanging basket outside my parents house. Let’s hope it’s bright appearance can keep the sun shining!


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Sunset on the JOG start line

As we set sail at the start of the JOG race we watched the sun set over the deck of Overlord


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Christmas Card

Shweta gave me this wonderful 3D Christmas card on her arrival in Swindon this weekend


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Red Sky at Night

While leaving the Hyde Park Christmas market last evening I snapped this great shot of the setting sun through the trees


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Thames Beach Sculpture

Upon leaving the Christmas market by the Royal Festival hall I spotted this sand sculpture being created on the South bank of the Thames


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