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Calendar Sneak Preview

I’m now running the development version of Calendar 1.2 on my publicly visible development server. You can see it running on Lara here. Comments are of course welcome, those who suggested features will no doubt spot some of them in action. Two screenshots are shown below to give you an overview of the new admin panel which you are not able to see on the development site.

Some keen eyed viewers will no doubt notice from what is visible that only one feature, “Event Categories”, as mentioned in one of my previous posts, remains to be implemented. Its close folks 🙂

Calendar Management Screen

Calendar Configuration Screen

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Top 100

So it looks like my Calendar plugin is in the top 100 list of WordPress plugins. This is a pleasant surprise and makes me wonder how much higher up the list the plugin might go when the new features go live. Thanks to all who use my plugin and have offered suggestions for its future development – its success is down to you.

In the light of seeing the plugin about to hit 10,000 downloads I’ve decided that the beta of the new version will be released when the 10,000 figure is hit. Comments will be invited from users on the blog post announcing the beta and any bugs reported will be fixed. When two weeks of beta testing have elapsed, the new version will go live 🙂

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Update on Calendar

Its about time I offered my users an update given its a while since I last discussed the plugin.

I have been very busy on other things recently which means progress has been rather slow and bitty. That being said most of the requested and accepted features from my last consultation have now been implemented and have been seen to work on my development machine.

The following features have been added since there was last an update

  • Changeable styles. Inline styles are no more and there is now a dedicated area on the new Calendar options page to edit the stylesheet directly.
  • Users other than Administrator can edit events if the Administrator changes a setting on the Calendar options page.
  • There is now an option to show the event author on the pop up for each event. This is set on the Calendar options page. This also means that for budding developers there is now a user ID by each event in the database allowing interesting things to be done with the plugin data.
  • There is a set of drop down boxes to jump straight to a given year and month. This can be shown or hidden based on a setting on the Calendar options page.
  • The description can now be any length. There is a text box to show this fact on the manage events screen instead of the small box that was there before.
  • The dates can be selected from pop up mini-calendars meaning you don’t have to check somewhere else if you are choosing the right date. This system also prevents you from selecting a finishing date which is before the starting one which caused some problems when done accidentally in the past.
  • The 30 character limit for the event title is now visibly enforced so that users are not surprised by their title appearing truncated.
  • HTML errors have been fixed by ensuring that all styling is placed in the header of the page and not in the body.
  • Seeing as WordPress 2.5 has recently been released, compatibility with this was coded in. This brings the range of WordPress branches the plugin is compatble with to 5; 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5. It is of course worth noting that the only versions you should be running are the 2.0 legacy branch and the latest 2.5 branch.

Two main features do remain to be implemented. These are

  • Event Categories
  • Upcoming Events

All this means that a release does draw ever closer. I have been spurred on in particular by the release of 2.5 as I note that the current Calendar version doesn’t support 2.5. I have also been getting increasing support requests concerning things that don’t work on Calendar 1.1. I ask that you all hold off on these requests; you can be sure your issue will be fixed in Calendar 1.2.

Most importantly thanks for your patience and for deciding to use my plugin.

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Blog Etiquette

It has come to my attention that a number of people have been posting comments on blog articles of mine asking for support for calendar when the subject of the post wasn’t even anything technical. Please don’t do this, it clutters things up for readers and confuses search engines. I have a contact page with an e-mail address which you can use to ask me for support. Please help me to keep things nice and ordered on the blog.

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Next version of Calendar imminent

I had a quick hack around today with Calendar for WordPress and I have fixed some of the long standing bugs that while weren’t serious, were causing some people issues. I’ve also tightened up some of areas I considered sightly weaker than they should be on the security front and also introduced a few new features.

One of the most notable changes is in the way the links work on the new version. Personally I much prefer the clean URL structure that currently ships with Calendar, however this requires a modification to the .htaccess file which many users were having issues with. This was due to the vastly differing ways in which people had chosen to setup their blogs and permalink structures already chosen.

The new version will provide standard arguments-in-a-url style operation and nothing else. It will install and work on any blog configuration out of the box (even MU as I’ve had requests for it to work on that too) and without edits to the .htaccess file. Clean URLs however will only be possible with a code edit to the plugin file and the addition of lines in the .htaccess file. Because of the support time that .htaccess issues have consumed in the past, users making such changes on their own will have to choose to do so unsupported.

Below I have listed all the modifications made so far, but this is not an exhaustive list of everything that will make it into the next release.

  • Security audit resulting in increased code injection protection of argument strings
  • Removed the need to edit the .htaccess file
  • Removed clean URLs by default as these were causing issues for novices
  • Placed the whole plugin into one file; install is now just a case of dropping this file into your plugins directory and activating it
  • Enabled compatibility with WordPress MU
  • Fixed the bug in the admin screen that would cause IE users to not see the dates, times etc. in add/edit event the form.
  • Allowed the week to start on a Sunday. Users who have their WordPress options set to Sunday as the starting day of the week will see the calendar obeying the setting.

A release will be made in the next few days both here and on the WordPress plugins repository. If anyone has anything in particular they would like to see in the next version then shout in comments.

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Days of the week

I’ve had many people contact me since I launched my Calendar plugin to asking if it is possible to change the day the week starts on from Monday to Sunday. Now obviously I’m aware that some people do start the week on Sunday, but I had never realised quite how many people this was until the use of my plugin became widespread and I must say I’m still really perplexed as to why.

The working week the whole world over is Monday through Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being affectionately known as the “week end”. This being the case, how can Sunday be the start of the week on a calendar when it is one of the days that constitutes the week end? Surely it is a contradiction in terms? Visibly this would make the week end split up at opposite sides of the calendar.

Due to demand I will be allowing users of the next version of my Calendar to change the day the week starts on but in the mean time I’d very much like comments on why some might start the week on a Sunday. Any financial, economic, religious etc. reasons with online references to further explanations would particularly helpful.

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Multiple Calendars

For those that use my Calendar for WordPress you may be interested to know about a modification by “Ben in Campus” that has been written for it that enables several calendars to be made visible and have events added to them but using only one install of my plugin on one install of WordPress. It’s an innovative idea and one that a couple of people who have e-mailed me in the past asking for such a feature will most certainly find useful.

The same database table is used as previously but a column has been added allowing the storage to denote which calendar a particular event has input. Ben has also fixed a couple of bugs which have been on my to-do list for a little while, so they will be incorporated along with a credit to Ben in the next release, which is actually coming really rather soon so keep an eye out here and on

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Calendar Success

Yesterday I released my calendar plugin for WordPress to the WordPress community at large on and it has got off to a flying start. I have close to 100 downloads already and it hasn’t even been online for 24 hours yet. I’m very pleased at the positive comments I have been getting through e-mail, please keep sending your reports (good or bad) to me.

I’m hoping to release a few more of my hand-rolled WordPress add-ons soon and obviously eventually these will make it into the WordPress plugin directory also. It will be interesting to see how the likes of Now Playing, Uptime, Server Status and Contacts Database do in the hall of fame.

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Calendar plugin updated to v1.1.2

After a recent report of incompatability of my calendar plugin with MySQL 4.0 I have refactored the 4.1 and above only queries to be much more backwards compatable. If you previously had problems installing the calendar (strings of SQL errors at the top of every page) then you might like to try reinstalling it. You can grab your updated copy from my programming page

If you discover any more bugs please continue to report them. This plugin is actively supported and I will update any and all bugs or errors discovered.

Thanks to all who have already installed and started using my plugin and to those who have thanked me personally in e-mail and over MSN.

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Calendar plugin updated to v1.1.1

I have done a quick update to my calendar plugin to include a CSS drop-down description when you hover over an event. This can be styled according to taste in the same way as the rest of the calendar. You can see this revised operation running on my calendar and you can grab your updated copy on my programming page. If you haven’t yet tried this plugin on your WordPress powered site, now is an excellent time to give it a go – you won’t be disappointed!

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