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By Sarann – honorary blogger

Right now, sitting on my bed are Kieran, Michelle and Chris, it’s 4 am. I thought it would be fun to blog. So far today we went to the park around 4 pm (on celebration of it being sunny) then me and Michelle went to church (it was cool! A lot has changed since my childhood!) then we met them in the Library pub after (because the Llama was closed). After that we got chinese and watched Lemony Snickets. Then the night got interesting. All very dehydrated we have got through 3 hours of weird conversations! So far we talked about:

Who the actors in Lemony Snickets were

The richness (or not) of Kieran’s parents given they own a yacht

Pirate movies

Religion in general

Steps to help Michelle stop squealing like a piggy when drenched with water (not very successful, needs more practise)

Where the universe came from – physics view and religious view

Marriage and sex, aswell as relationships
Potential couples for the next week (before everyone goes home)

The relationships between friends

Then Michelle left and all was finished. Good night!



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