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Killer Code Monkey

In my team, whoever is at the top of the Jenkins leader board at the end of the sprint gets this “award” on their desk


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Verify Email

I had cause today to verify if a number of e-mail addresses really existed and stumbled across this easy to use web based tool, verify email. It’s handy because it also provides visual feedback of the interaction with the mail server on the domain which saves you having to fire up a telnet session.

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Free Hosting Boost

Those who host their sites on my network for free in exchange for a link back to this site (and a pint or two) got a bit of an upgrade last night with near unlimited bandwidth and a doubling of available disk space.

This was possible in part due to a number of domains on my hosting list having lapsed thus freeing up space for those who still have active sites.

If your domain is one of those that has lapsed the hosted content has now been backed up and removed from the server with the files available on request. If you choose to re-register the domain and still wish to be hosted you can get in touch.

Now is also a good time to ask people to check their back links; there are a number of offenders in this area but usually this arises though inadvertent omission such as during a re-design or theme change.

Finally a quick reminder to ensure that your installed applications are kept up to date (there has been a WordPress update recently that not everyone has installed) and above all, happy blogging and enjoy the free hosting!

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Jar Problems

This was sent to me over the weekend and made me chuckle somewhat!


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Old Door

Exploring Scotney Castle yesterday I can across this old door on the stairwell that made the perfect picture


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