Listening Stats

This evening I had a hunt through my stats pages and found some nifty hidden features for subscribers which I have made use of in order to share some pretty cool information with you all

The following is a music clock that shows my hourly listening habits throughout the past year, aggregated. Do I really get up that early some mornings!?

Listening Clock

Then we have the artist photo collage, the size of each photo corresponding to how frequently I’ve listened to that particular artist. Really rather cool I must say. Do you recognise them all?

Year Artists

Last but most certainly not least, a huge (and I mean huge) downloadable PDF chart of my last year’s listening, highlighted in colours and shades to show trends and listening frequency. Really quite an eye opener!

Listening Trends

Now I know why I spend £3 per month in a subscription! Well, there are plenty of other good reasons, but this stuff is just awesome.


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