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Crime Hot-Spots

When I was living in Leeds, a number of areas were talked about as being notorious for crime. It was with some surprise then that a couple of these areas were missed on the BBC’s most burgled postcodes article and yet a number of areas I’d considered to be better found their way onto the list. Is your area listed?

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Surprises in Nature

Nature throws up some amazing surprises and can quite easily create intrigue for anyone with even a passing interest in it. This BBC nature article on a giant meat-eating plant is no exception. Truly remarkable.

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Photography Catch Up

I had far too many photos sitting on my camera desperate to be shared with the world so after my recent upload of my North Sea Jazz pictures I created a number of new galleries to bring my photo album up to date with all my recent photographic exploits. Click the thumbnails below to be taken to the newly uploaded albums.

Friends in Swindon SoC Graduation 2009 Hannah's Graduation Photography excursion to Potters Crouch Hannah's Birthday

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Photos from North Sea Jazz 2009

John Scofield at North Sea Jazz 2009After a short delay I have finally put my photos online from North Sea Jazz 2009. I have yet to add the titles and captions but I’m sure you’ll be able to capture the wonderful atmosphere of the festival and of the musical acts by the facial expressions alone.

My best shots of course came when I was closest to the stage but of those, my favourites would have to be of John Scofield (the thumbnail features him) as the emotion he showed on his face while playing guitar with his Piety Street band was incredible.

Click on the thumbnail above to view the whole gallery and feel free to post up comments on some of the photos if you feel so inclined.

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The sound of dub

Dreadzone Album CoverJulia: What is this you’re listening to?
Me: It’s dub. Do you like it?

The genre was first introduced to me when I saw Dreadzone perform at Solfest last year and while enjoyed at the time became quickly forgotten.

That was until I found myself becoming reacquainted with the sound of dub through recently and surprisingly for some (those who know my tastes in jazz and blues) found I’ve taken quite a shine to it.

Mellow yet upbeat, dub encompasses everything uplifting about reggae and more than a mere hint of soft house which permits the listener to indulge in the sound irrespective of what one happens to be doing at the time.

I’ve found the sound of dub amenable while cooking, writing code for Calendar and reading the book I currently have on the go. I’m sure I’ll find other situations where it is more than acceptable listening material too. If you give it a try yourself, or indeed are a regular listener to the genre already, let me know what you think in comments.

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Friends in Swindon

Friends in Swindon

Chris, Sarann and Michelle came to visit me in Swindon for the weekend and we visited some local sights

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