New RouterTech Website

It has been a long time coming but last weekend RouterTech finally received a face lift. We are now sporting a new design, layout and a considerably more feature-packed forum, as well as improved navigation and a more intuitive page hierarchy.

Keen eyes will note very quickly that the site is far from finished but the whole team are putting in daily effort to bring site up to standard and we hope to achieve a finished look in the next week or so. If you are a regular visitor there is an area of the forum for asking questions about the site and raising issues and we encourage you to make use of this area if you spot anything amiss.

One of the big additions is that RouterTech now sports a blog which I was inspired to add through my own work with WordPress and my recent visit to WordCamp UK. I intend to write articles here concerning the world of routing and also my views on the direction of the project. As one of it’s founders I’m concious that I spend no where near enough time communicating with users and I hope that the blog portion of the site will go some way towards remedying this.

A big hurdle for us at the moment is the unwillingness of hardware companies to embrace the GPL under which they are supposed to release their software which in turn holds us back somewhat in our ability to make something available that budding developers can make immediate use of. We’ve been open source all the way but some of the companies out there don’t half make things hard. As I try to spend a little more time on the RouterTech project in the coming weeks, I intend to make this issue my main focus and will be sure to keep everyone updated about my progress.


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