Les tribulations d’une caissière

I was sent a link to a BBC article the other day on a French literature graduate who wound up working for 8 years on the checkouts because she couldn’t find a job. She ended up writing a book on her experiences and it has already sold a huge number of copies.

I think the appeal of a book like this is the notion that it could potentially happen to anyone and it also offers a window onto how we treat other human beings in different circumstances.The comments on her blog (for those of you who would like to dabble in a little French) from others who have gone through similar experiences are also rather telling in this regard.

For anyone who fancies some light reading in French I think this could well be a worthwhile book to buy, although as the BBC piece states, an English version is coming out later in the year so those of you who don’t fancy reading in French you shouldn’t have long to wait.


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