The sound of dub

Dreadzone Album CoverJulia: What is this you’re listening to?
Me: It’s dub. Do you like it?

The genre was first introduced to me when I saw Dreadzone perform at Solfest last year and while enjoyed at the time became quickly forgotten.

That was until I found myself becoming reacquainted with the sound of dub through recently and surprisingly for some (those who know my tastes in jazz and blues) found I’ve taken quite a shine to it.

Mellow yet upbeat, dub encompasses everything uplifting about reggae and more than a mere hint of soft house which permits the listener to indulge in the sound irrespective of what one happens to be doing at the time.

I’ve found the sound of dub amenable while cooking, writing code for Calendar and reading the book I currently have on the go. I’m sure I’ll find other situations where it is more than acceptable listening material too. If you give it a try yourself, or indeed are a regular listener to the genre already, let me know what you think in comments.


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