Sherbet Fountains

Sherbet FountainI was in a sweet shop in York last weekend (I have a sweet tooth, I just can’t resist) and I overheard someone say that the traditional sherbet fountains are going to be removed from sale in the near future for “health and safety reasons”. This is apparently despite acknowledgements from all parties concerned that no harm has ever come to anyone through the fact the liquorice is open to the air.

Day by day I hear of more ludicrous actions being taken in the name of health and safety which merely seem to reduce our enjoyment of life. Sherbet fountains have been around my entire life and I remember buying them as a child. Not only that but my parents remember buying them as children. Bureaucrats and paranoid health officials shouldn’t be allowed to meddle.

Anyone unacquainted with my views on health and safety and it’s run-away tendency to mess with every part of our lives in ways that spoil our freedom and enjoyment should consult one of my past articles, “Health & Safety rules must die”


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  1. Laura Parrish (nee Bolton) Said,

    May 21, 2009 @ 6:15 pm

    hey Kieran, hope all is well.I’m glad to see you managed to get to the sweetie shop after I left! I’m on the train back to York at the moment. sherbet fountains are more fun without the yukky black stuff!

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