Meeting Laura

At the end of my training course yesterday I headed back towards St. Pancras but instead of boarding the first available train back to St. Albans I grabbed a coffee and a table at the Costa Coffee on the concourse and waited for Laura to arrive from work.

Recently I’ve been catching up a lot with old friends but considering the time Laura and I used to spend (usually in the pub) musing over current events and discussing what the future might hold, it really was great to be meeting up again.

We did the usual “not understanding why we hadn’t spoken for so long”, “promising to call more in future” and such like but actually I genuinely think we will keep in touch this time. Talking about the old times binds us together but being able to see how far we’ve come since those student days of over indulgence in alcohol and other craziness was just as good fun.

After coffee we also took the time to wander round St. Pancras station and for the first time I noticed what an amazing building it is. Usually I hurtle through from one end to the other, in search of some train or tube, but staring up at the arches of metal and the huge station clock at the end of concourse made me realise that things we look at ever day and pay little attention to may have more to them than at first meets the eye. Next time you’re in St. Pancras, look up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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  1. Francis Delamou Said,

    March 26, 2009 @ 6:09 pm

    Well very impress of work. Well organize.
    I’m a student trying to be you, why no more then you.

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