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New Years Eve 2008 Photos

Thumbnail image of new years eve festivitiesMy new years eve 2008 was spent at Chris’ house party in Leeds. Seeing as Chris had a decent digital camera and was getting snap happy I decided to forgo taking my own shots and used a collection of the photos he took to form a new years 2008 album over in my gallery.

Best wishes for 2009 everybody 🙂

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Voicemail Delay

A voicemail issue I recently had was that Vodafone seem to think people can answer their mobile within 15 seconds or so. This default is a little short for my liking so I had a hunt around on Google and found a GSM code I could call to increase the delay to 30 seconds. I share the Vodafone one here for anyone in a similar fix.


The 121 is the number to dial for voicemail and 30 is the time delay you want before a call is diverted to voicemail. You can interchange these numbers with those for your provider.

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New Years Day 2009

After an amazing new years eve party we saw in 2009 by going for a pub lunch and hair of the dog!


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