Yesterday, after a lengthy lie in and a quick lunch, Michelle and I borrowed Sarann’s kite and went into Roundhay park to attempt to harness the forecast 7mph wind and get the kite into the air. Taking advantage of a large hill and a favorable wind direction relative to it we nearly succeeded but the wind strength wasn’t quite enough and after a brief 20 seconds or so of success on my part the kite came crashing to the ground and showed little signs afterwards of getting into the air again.

Lack of success aside it was an enjoyable end to the afternoon and it was nice to get out of the house in the fresh air and have a bit of a walk/run around. I’m really feeling the effects of Christmas indulgence! Still, I’ll be back in Swindon tomorrow and with that will resume regular visits to the gym so I won’t be idle for long. While I’m not pleased my holiday is nearly over I can certainly look back on it and say I’ve had a good time.


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