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Christmas Update

It can’t have escaped the attention of many of my readers that I haven’t posted on my blog in some considerable time. I’ve been really rather busy at work and have let attention to my online presence slide somewhat; no doubt those at RouterTech have noticed this, not to mention those forums on which I am usually a regular contributor. Having received a number of letters from people detailing everything they have been up to in the past year and in times they haven’t been in the closest of contact, I decided I’d do something similar on my blog.

I’ve been settling in well in my job and have become well and truly engrossed in the project. As my fellow tech gurus will be able to relate to, the longer you work on a project, the deeper you get into its nuances and quirks and this is most certainly happening to me. Its a good thing though as each new turn I take on the project is an opportunity to learn.

The social life at work is good, despite the small size of the office and I’ve become good friends with both those on my project team and the graduates who started in the building at the same time as or a number of months before me. While nothing can compare to the computing nights out which so quickly became a way of life, I have still managed to enjoy a number of memorable evenings on the town, most notably the office Christmas party which took place after my last day at work before I was on holiday for Christmas. Drinking a lot and saying things you later don’t remember saying seemed to figure heavily.

Work aside I’ve joined a local gym which means I’m now getting my fair share of exercise which is most welcome after months of doing nothing but sit in front of a computer working on my final year project. I’ve also taken the opportunity to visit my parents a lot more now that I’m that bit closer than I was in Leeds.

My departure from Leeds hasn’t all been rosy though. I’m now a long way away from those people who became very dear friends to me during my time as a student and it feels very odd not being within “send a quick text and meet down the pub” distance. I’m also a long way away from Heather too which I think I’m finding the hardest – not being able to pop round with a surprise bottle of wine and a tasty recipe in hand (usually something sea food related) whenever the fancy takes us is a real shame.

Thankfully our time apart has been interspersed with a couple of memorable meetings, one in Middlesbrough for Heather’s birthday and another just after finishing work for Christmas when I traveled to Leeds. Both occasions offered us the now rare occasion to enjoy each others company and have a meal out or two. The Leeds visit saw us take in the German market for another year and tour the Leeds Museum which is now finally open! Here’s hoping that the new year will see Heather’s successful graduation from the university and hopefully the finding of a job located such that traveling for the both of us is that bit easier.

I’m now currently staying with my family over Christmas and have the chance to relax, chill out and of course catch up on the odd few computing related bits that I’ve let slide as I’ve cracked on with my new job.

Keen eyes will have noticed the new “Photo Blog” style entries appear on the site. These are the the result of the happy union between my new BlackBerry, Flickr and a neat bit of code on my site. All of these things I hope to blog about soon. If I’ve got time I’ll also be making a few other changes to my various web projects and if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I guess that simply leaves me to apologise once again fro my lack of blogging in recent weeks, promise to do better in the new year and wish you all a very merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

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Feeling Festive

We have a nice tree setup in our hallway for Christmas


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Amusing Alteration

I spied this amusing alteration to a letting agent’s sign on a recent visit to Leeds


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