My BBC Day

I’ve now got my BBC listening down to a T such that I’m always listening to an appropriate radio station at any given point in the day.

I wake in the morning to Radio Swindon and in so doing I’m provided with up to the minute tit-bits of news and travel from the mouths of happy and bouncy presenters – just what I need to get me out of bed and to work (avoiding all the traffic). I’m also notified of what’s going on in the local area which is just what a newcomer needs.

On my way to and from work I listen to Radio 3. The soothing blend of classical pieces in the morning are just what I need for a positive start to the day. On the way home the repertoire varies from the realms of opera to jazz and never fails to make me feel ready for a good night out or a relaxing night in, whatever is the order of the day.

At home in the evenings and on longer car journeys I turn to Radio 4. With its thought provoking documentaries and hilarious comedies I never fail to enjoy myself, whatever I might be doing at the time.

I’m not sure what made me post about this, but in so doing I realise I have further justified my stance on supporting the BBC. We have to use it or lose it and I know what side of that fence I sit on. Why not tune in? I’m sure you’ll like what you hear.


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  1. Chris Worfolk Said,

    October 15, 2008 @ 11:43 pm

    Absolutely, I’ve really gotten into 6 Music since starting work. Their playlists tend to be a bit repetitive but they are always playing good stuff and the shows are entertaining enough to pull you through those long days.

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