Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

In a recent web browsing session I came across some superb blog posts from Ann Merrill on the Chornobyl exclusion zone and her visits to it. These postings served to remind me very much of the dangers we face in the use of nuclear technologies and how much respect they deserve from human beings when dealing with them.

As I looked through the images and read the descriptions I suddenly gained a very real feeling of what it would be like to wake up and walk outside a couple of weeks after all out nuclear war. Its really rather harrowing to say the least.

The following blog posts are most apt in detailing what it is like inside the zone and how the effects of the nuclear disaster are still very prevalent today.

I would like to thank Ann Merrill for sharing her experiences on these visits in such superb detail on her blog. This kind of writing is why blogs are so important. They open up areas and issues to people who would never have hoped to gain such a great insight into them. Those who listen to Radio 4 might be interested to know that Ann made an appearance on Woman’s Hour. You can listen to the program again via the link at the top..


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