Back to work

I really am back in the swing of “proper” work now, having enjoyed a jaunt to IBM in Hursley, Winchester, where we took part in the student challenge (sadly not winning for Leeds but having a great time in the process), and having spent an enjoyable Saturday in York with Heather.

Although I’m certainly ready to get back into the academic work cycle it feels odd to say the least. I’ve grown almost accustomed to rushing around the country to different business and socials engagements and now that I’ve got my two feet back on the ground with no where to go except lectures and the library I’m almost at a loss of what to do (except of course I have plenty of reading etc. already!

Luckily along with a new term comes many student gatherings and nights out to complement the drive to work hard and true to form my time spent in the pub is most certainly on the high side. Who said the start of term had to be all bad? 😉


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