Jazz and Blues success

My past week has been spent working in my capacity as president of Jazz and Blues Leeds to recruit new members to the society and I’d like to report that it has gone particularly well.

Our publicity consisted of running s freshers week stall all week, on one day having a stall in two places, holding a free gig in the outside tent and handing out over 2,000 flyers, each one coming with comments from me about what we had coming up and how our social consisted of free food and drink.

We had our first social on Thursday evening and at the end of the night I’d met a load of great people who were as into Jazz and Blues music as me if not more so and also added over 65 paid members to the books.

This financial injection is going to ensure the future of Jazz and Blues Leeds for the coming months and provide us with the ability to deliver some of the best jazz and blues events that Leeds University Union has ever seen.


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