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July House Party

July House Party

Another one of our successful house parties

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You’ve seen the word, you’re shocked, but yes, its true, I’ve had a haircut. I’d been growing my hair just because I felt like it; I’d never worn it long before and figured that my last student year or so was the best time to do it. It was getting a little unmanageable though so I took a trip to my barber in St. Albans and had him take a bit off of it.

It was difficult to judge the length in the mirror in the barbers so I think a little more than I had planned ended up coming off the back so its notably shorter than before but still longer by most standards which is cool. I can always let it grow back anyway or get more cut off if I don’t like the middle ground. Its also a lot neater and doesn’t get in my eyes which is going to help my computer work no end 🙂

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Party Weekend #1

I’m not quite sure how this happened but I have ended up being set to go to 3 big parties on 3 consecutive days. I’ve nicknamed this 3 day event the party weekend and I’m attempting to party to the full extent at each one and see if I can make it through all of them acting the part of the party animal and still make it into work fresh and bright on Monday morning

Last night I went to the first party of three this weekend in the form of Norm’s house warming party. It was a truly brilliant night. A little slow to start but as people started to drink more they loosened up and we all started to have a great time. Because I’ve been at work so much there are quite a few of my Leeds friends who are staying in Leeds over the summer but I hadn’t really seem anything of so it was a great chance to catch up with people.

Chris had bought some decks to go with his PA system that he had previously purchased to run events for the Atheist society and was having a go at spinning some vinyl. I harked back to my radio days and had a go myself, trying to beat-match the different tracks. I met with limited success but it was nice to get my hands on records again. Having a spot of practice helped in unexpected ways later on. As I was playing a few tunes late on in the evening, a load of randoms turned up and started dancing and cheering for more music so I gave it to them. Soon the whole room was full of people dancing, jumping up and down and having a superb time – the whole floor was shaking with the quantity of feet, it was awesome. I’ve never before had people cheering in my direction “DJ! DJ! DJ!” and I doubt I will again, it was very funny.

Eventually people started to disperse and myself, Matt and Claire left to go home. We could tell it had been a good party because it was 4am, getting light and we couldn’t walk straight for the combination of alcohol and being all danced out. Great party folks, you’re all legends.

Getting up this morning to get a train down to London for my next party was a serious challenge but after dragging myself to the station and consuming large quantities of caffeine rich drinks during the journey I arrived right as rain in a wonderfully sunny central London and made my way to St. Albans.

The next party is Debi’s birthday/reunion party and it looks set to be great fun. I’m already all set to go and have a crate of beer to bring along!

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Gaz kicked off facebook

Its has just been brought to my attention that Gareth Remblance has had his facebook account deleted, supposedly because he was found to have uploaded one or more images of highly questionable moral standards. As far as social networks go, facebook is probably the worst one to be kicked off as it is what most student organised events are publicised on and commented on afterwards. Known for his brash remarks and indiscriminant insults perhaps even Gaz might admit to having shot himself in the foot this time around by taking things just a little too far 😉

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Blocked subnet

SpamHaus, in their infinite wisdom, have taken it upon themselves to blacklist the entire subnet that all my email services operate out of. As such, while I am getting everyone’s e-mail I’m not able to reply to the vast majority of users due to the block. These replies are being held at the server until SpamHaus can be persuaded that they have done something silly and then said replies will then make their way to their intended destination. Apologies to those expecting replies but this is out of my hands for the time being.

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