Party Weekend #3

The final party of the weekend of madness was Kat’s birthday party at Baraka’s. It was finally a chance to stop travelling and sit down for an all you can eat buffet dinner, wine and some good discussion with my friends from Leeds. Its a while since I’ve been to Baraka’s but I wasn’t disappointed. The smoking ban has dented customer numbers a little bit due to the lack of shisha but it was still a very enjoyable place to be, especially with an abundance of food, comfotable seating and accounts of weekend antics – mainly comments about Norm’s house party on the Friday which was one of the livliest parties for a while.

The amount the floor was shaking in Norm’s lounge was one of the hot topics of discussion and the number of inchs moved was disputed, but we were all agreed that it was one of the most floor moving experiences we had ever encountered. The prospect of Chris getting a set of speakers that would go louder still was a rather worrying revelation.

My weekend of partying was superb fun but with a week of work ahead of me its not something I’d do on a regular basis. Still, its nice to know that I can live up to the student “party animal” reputation when required 🙂


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