Stupidly busy week, fun weekend

You may have noticed my lack of blogging recently, and in fact my distinct lack of online activity. This has been due almost entirely to the amount of hours I have been putting into the X-Lab project. We’ve had a few tight deadlines lately for some of the project milestones and with the lead developer away on holiday I have been entirely responsible for the direction of everything this last week, which included a meeting with key IT people at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. I’m very glad I took on the job though, my work with X-Lab has been stimulating and enjoyable, and its great to be so deep into a project so soon, even if it has been a steep learning curve.

When the weekend came around through it was time to really put the busy week behind me and we held another big house party on the Saturday. Amazingly the weather afforded us a dry afternoon for our BBQ which extended into a warm dry evening where the beer flowed freely and the music played loudly. Although a little more rowdy than our last party (due mainly to the attendance of a large proportion of the univerisity rock society) it was great fun and another huge success for us. I’d also invited Alannah Jones and James Flinders from York over for the festivities as well and it was great to see them after so long. They also seemed to have a great time as well.

As the saying goes; work hard, play hard. I certainly managed it last week!


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