Travelling by train

Its only when I travel by train as I did this weekend when I went down south to stay with my family that I realise how much beautiful countryside there is in England and how little of it many of us see in our daily lives. When not in front of my computer I’m out and about in the city, in bars and clubs, at the cinema, in art galleries and museums. Its very rare that I get to see much that doesn’t involve some kind of concrete.

This is why the train is so special because I can sit back and watch some superb scenery fly by the window. This evening as I travel northwards I am greeted by the setting sun behind a collection of rolling fields and fences that almost seem to glow in the light. It really makes you want to stop the train and just get off and stroll through that almost perfect setting and actually breathe the air and feel the sun on your back rather that spectate though a window. Still, its there to be enjoyed even from behind the glass and it certainly makes you glad to have a window seat.


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