Nearly there

Well I’m nearly there. Its been a long hard slog through these Semester 2 exams but I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with only one exam left to go (tomorrow afternoon). I’m not sure why but exams this semester have seemed to drag a whole lot more and revision has seemed so much more of a chore. I think this probably has something to do with how tired I was after the huge deluge of coursework but even so its a little disconcerting.

My graphics exam today was one of the hardest exams, if not the hardest I have taken since arriving at Leeds to do computing and although I feel positive about the paper overall it required a lot of intense focus during the 1 and a half hours the exam ran for and has left me feeling considerably drained.

Still, the positive feeling is a good sign so I can only hope I get a good mark for the paper. I feel almost completely prepared for tomorrows exam already so I think its just a case of getting a good nights sleep and kicking that last exam into touch before hitting the union bar.


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