Eye Opener

I got chatting to Michael who was in my working group for the SE24 software engineering project and he was telling me about what studying IT was like in Nigeria and I suddenly realised why so many people want to come and study computing in the UK. Essentially its all theoretical. Students don’t get the chance to work on computers or if they do, not to any extent that we, as students here in Leeds SoC, would be used to. The way we learn programming – in a lab with fast, internet connected machines is a world apart.

We simply don’t realise how progressed we are here in the UK. We can pull up details on our accounts online, send e-mails, get print outs whenever we want etc. There are some places in the world where they still use typewriters in the workplace and big companies only have one dot-matrix printer for the whole building.

So why am I blogging this I hear you cry? Well I’m mentioning this to try and point out to my fellow students and indeed any other students who read this blog how lucky you are to have the access to the education you do, and once in education the quality of education that you have. Not to mention the cost. It can cost close to £30,000 for an international student to come and stufy in the UK. We get that privillage for just over 1/10th of that amount. The bottom line is we are extremely privillaged to have what we do and we should make the most of it; work hard, ask questions, make use of resources and respect the sanctity of what is provided for us – a superb education that many in the world can only dream of.


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