Heather is a fan of horror films so last night we decided to watch Hostel. Although IMDB didn’t have it rated very highly we weren’t looking for a masterpiece so figured it would be an OK way to spend the evening.

Sadly this was not the case. The plot was non-existent and what little of the film you could call a plot you could figure out in five minutes or less. The violence was senseless and irrelevant. It was supposed to be a horror film but instead it just presented its self as an opportunity to watch senseless violence. There was no horror in the violence, just disgust at how the film makers could ever have though people would enjoy this type of “horror” movie.

We didn’t even finish it. We reached about half way through and then looked at each other and said words to the effect of “Do we really want to watch this?” and with a resounding no we hit the eject button.

In short we both thought the movie was complete and utter crap and isn’t worth watching whatever the reason given. Personally I think watching paint dry would be more worthwhile use of your time.



  1. Paul Said,

    April 23, 2007 @ 10:39 am

    I actually thought it was OK… These kind of films are exactly what you say, senseless violence so you know what to expect when you start watching.

    Its a shame you didn’t watch it all the way through though, it does get better 😉 (all be it far fetched and shockingly violent)

  2. Gareth Said,

    April 23, 2007 @ 11:08 am

    Pfft Kieran, nobody was ever going to watch hostel for the horror, its purely for the gore and violence. I mean come on, when this quote:

    “Over 150 gallons of blood were used in the making of the movie, nearly three times the amount used on Eli Roth’s first film Cabin Fever (2002).”

    is on the main page of IMDB, what do you expect 😛

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