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It has come to my attention over the last few days and weeks even that the number of people on my blogroll who are making regular posts seems to have declined. While I might be guilty of having the odd few days, even a week, where I don’t post anything I soon catch up at the end of the period by making all 5 or 6 or so of my pending drafts complete and public.

This doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone else on my list, except for perhaps Chris, but even his posts seem to lack their usual zing. Apart from the Easter break, is there anything else thats happened recently to stop people writing a few lines? If so, perhaps someone could kindly let me know. Oh and if you don’t have an excuse, get blogging folks!


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  1. Norman Said,

    April 9, 2007 @ 7:41 pm

    Will be catching up on my blog posts the moment I am back in Leeds! I have a few drafts to publish and a couple to write up from scratch, but everything will be sorted by Wednseday.

    All the best.

  2. Chris Worfolk Said,

    April 10, 2007 @ 4:16 am

    I noticed quite a few people have drafts lined up. I can’t do with them, I like to blog on the spur of the moment (despite how the regularity of my blog looks).

    As for the quality of them, I never really considered them that good. My blog has always mainly been a place for me to have emo moments and while I think in posts like season finale and if you pay a girl enough she will take her clothes off I really got it right, these have always seemed to be in the minority compared with the “boring” posts which make up the bulk and are essentially intented for myself rather than an audience.

    That said, I have noticed a lack of such posts recently, mainly due to the fact my life is really boring at the moment. I’m not in the best place either (although in terms of physical location I’m in a really nice place, though I’m not sure it’s doing me any good) so I’m struggling to put an amusing spin on the few events that are unfolding.

  3. Paul Said,

    April 11, 2007 @ 10:36 pm

    Yep, completely and 100% guilty as charges m’lord.

    My excuse, how about 3 jobs, kids that never sleep and a boring life!!! 😉

    I will of course do my best to satisfy your need of posts as soon as is possible

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