Society no-show

I almost feel guilty about ranting on this subject but at the same time it really does need to be said. When we take the time and effort to organise going to a gig for jazz and blues society its not a nice situation when no one turns up. On Sunday night when I had work due the next day I went out to meet society members at the union to then walk down to the Grove Inn on the other side of town to go to a gig. I arrived at the union at 7:30pm and by 8pm no one had showed up. Not to worry I thought, I’ll meet people at the pub, but sadly that wasn’t to be and after arriving at the bar at 8:15pm and waiting until 8:50pm still not a single person had showed up. As I had work to do and didn’t fancy drinking alone I just went home.

Now I know this is no one persons fault but I hate it when I end up wasting time, especially where work is involved and just wish there was some way of avoiding it. I had the idea that I should get people to reply if they intended to go and that receiving no replies would mean we wouldn’t go, but the problem with this is that we advertise in many ways, some of which don’t really provide a method of letting us know if you’re coming, like posters and flyers for instance. If anyone has any ideas on how to deal with this, please reply in comments.

On a lighter note, the start of the new academic year in September should bring many more members and so eliminate the problem and make the society so much more fun 🙂


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