Bones at Hi-Fi

Another great Sunday lunch at Hi-Fi and another superb band to go along with it. Last Sunday the Jazz and Blues society were once again at hi-fi and this time enjoyed the musical talents of the Bones band. The raport with the audience was brilliant, and we were soon foot-taping along with the rhythms, and enjoying the little jokes told by the band between songs.

What was so great about Bones was the way they kept bringing in guest musicians to play songs and the fact they swapped their own musicians around, it really made for a great atmosphere. They played traditional jazz which was great to hear. Not only was it suitable for the setting and in keeping with what the DJ had been playing before the band came on stage, but its not the kind of music you hear enough of on stage in Leeds these days.

Theres nothing nicer than to hear a big band strike up a tune you know from an old 1950s CD, its like a little light bulb of enjoyment pings on in the back of your head, its fantastic. I’m not sure when Bones are playing next or where, but they are certainly a great group for playing traditional jazz and thrilling an audience. If you see they are playing somewhere near you, don’t miss out!


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