Lunar Eclipse

In case people hadn’t noticed on the news there was a lunar eclipse last night. This is where the Earth blocks the path of the Sun’s rays from falling on the moon apart from the light that filters through the Earth’s atmosphere meaning the moon glows a beautiful copper colour. Clear skies meant we were able to take in the sight easily from outside our house and it certainly was a beautiful sight. I wasn’t able to get any photographs due to the light polution from the streetlamps but the reddish glow makes the moon seem so much more spherical than the serene pale white disc we are used to seeing in our night skies. We are told it was the best eclipse we’ve had in years and having seen it myself I’m very much inclined to agree.


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  1. Gareth Said,

    March 4, 2007 @ 11:43 pm

    Should have done what a few of us did and gone up to the cricket pavilion near Bodington and watched from there! It was awesome 😀

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