Another coursework down

Last night I polished off yet another piece of coursework. They have been arriving thick and fast lately and its nice to be able to start putting some of them to bed. So far this semester I’ve been very happy with how the courseworks have gone. The poster for our group project gained us a good mark from our peers in our workshop group which was nice, especially considering most people rated their own poster higher than others rated it, whereas ours tallyed well. My website for the web development coursework looked good and fulfilled all the criteria and more, and my submission last night of my animation for graphics seemed to fit the spec and be rather innovative too. Hopefully I’ll get a good mark in these two in the next couple of weeks when the results come back.

Theres no rest though, I have a presentation next week and an essay due, both for my computing ethics module. Futhermore its nearly the end of term which means I really need to have all outstanding work licked by then so I can have a decent break. Heres hoping I can get it all together.


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