Concerned Neighbors

“You dirty slut!” came the shout from outside. It was so loud in fact that I thought it had come from my own garden so I popped open the skylight to have a look and see what was going on. I looked down and I saw a girl walking down the street on her mobile phone, clearly having an argument with her boyfriend, but I think its good for him that they weren’t in the same room – I’ve never heard a voice so loud!

Now that I could hear the true volume of the outburst, given that the pane of double glazing had been removed, I was rather glad I was 3 floors above street level! As I was contemplating closing the window and having a little chuckle about it all in private I heard the skylight on the roof of the next door house click open and saw a head pop out. As we noticed each other there was a brief moment of surprise and then we just started laughing; its amazing how nosy something out of the ordinary makes you and yet you only realise you’re being nosy when someone catches you at it. What was so funny in this case though is that we both had exactly the same idea – she’d thought the noise was in her garden also, and there was no way of hiding our nosy intentions.


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