Trolling on news

For the sake of the sanity of the rest of those who study or work in the School of Computing please stop trolling on the newsgroups. Its annoying, wastes time and doesn’t help anyone, least of all yourself. That is all.


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  1. Chris Worfolk Said,

    February 25, 2007 @ 4:23 am

    I can’t really defend my latest pro-Windows post but my other post I think is a very valid point and one that really merits some consideration. Just because it’s controversial does not mean I’m trolling.

  2. Kieran Said,

    February 25, 2007 @ 6:02 pm

    Just because it’s controversial does not mean I’m trolling

    This is only true if the purpose of your post wasn’t to insight a flame war. I’d love to say that I didn’t believe that was your intention, but after previous discussions on the subject I know thats often why you do it – at least it certainly that has been your motive in the past which makes it less likely its for a legitimate reason this time.

    If it is legit then I apologise, however I will say I think you went about it the wrong way – there was a lot of criticism in there which hadn’t been backed up well, and considering it had the potential to tar a lot of people with the same brush, it might have been a little insensitive. It certainly doesn’t look to have won you many friends among the staff and indeed some students.

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