Its not usual for me to shout about projects I work on that I’m merely paid to complete and then play no further part in, but I’m making an exception this time. is a special new site that links into Facebook to allow you to recover your phone numbers if you ever lose your phone or SIM card and are left with no way of finding out your contacts numbers.

The way it works is quite simple; Login to the site with your facebook details, save your number, choose who’s number you want and who can have yours. Thats it. Then as the site takes off the number of numbers available to each of us will increase until hopefully everyone will be able to recover their whole phonebook. In just 2 days nearly 200 people have started to use the service and have preferences saved for over 20,000 friends.

Once you’re using the site all you have to do if you ever lose your numbers is just visit the site, login and hit download. You can choose any number of formats to get your numbers in, including vCard which means that for some phones you can upload the numbers straight to the phone in a matter of minutes. I’m not sure how well this site will take off, but one thing is for sure – if it takes off it will be very useful to us all. So, if you use facebook, hop over there now and get involved. Its secure and won’t take a second!


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