Contacts database

Some of my friends and family will no doubt have noticed a message in their e-mail with a link in it allowing them to click and make amendments to their contact details. This is a part of a large contact details database (see the faq) that I have added to my site which will allow me to look up individuals details and stay in touch with them.

If you’ve already got your e-mail or get one in the next few days or so, congratulations – you’re a part of a select group of my friends I’ve chosen to help test the system and make sure its good to hold and manage every single one of my contacts details. You don’t have to do anything special to test it out, just read the FAQ and click your link to make sure I have your details correct and that any omissions are completed. Every update gets back to me so I’ll be able to see if things are working as they should.

If you’ve not got an e-mail, don’t fret, within the next two weeks I will have all of my contacts in the database and you will be able to amend your details every time they change using your e-mail link. If you still don’t have your link after that feel free to contact me and if I know you I’ll add you. Be rest assured that providing your details this way is as secure as handing me a piece of paper or sending me an e-mail with them on and you will not be spammed as a result of being in my database. In case you didn’t already know, I absolutely hate spam and those that send it.


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