No Peace

Ok this is a bit of a rant I guess, but on Christmas eve I did end up wondering if there was anywhere and any point in time where someone isn’t trying to take thier gadgets everywhere with them.

There we were at midnight mass on Christmas eve, in the church where I used to sing in the choir – St. Michaels, and every time there was a silent moment I could hear what I thought was a radio, very quiet, tinny but musical and it wasn’t going away or in any way linked to what was going on in the church. After a while I finally realised what it was. Yes, you’ve guessed it, some stupid little child a few rows back, most likely recieving insufficient discipline from thier parents in general day to day matters, had an MP3 player stuck in their ears.

I just couldn’t really believe it, one of the few places in todays loud and non-sleeping world where you expect silence to really mean silence some idiot was ruining it all by dragging a part of their modern world into a building a few centuries its senior. It was at that moment that I started to wonder if all this technological progress is really such a good thing.

I realised though that its not the technology its self that causes us the grief, its how and most importantly when we choose to use it. Get this wrong and we’re all going to end up suffering in the long term.


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